WATCH: US Diplomats Do the Pabebe Wave!

WATCH US Diplomats Do the Pabebe Wave!


We’ve proven that foreigners aren’t immune to the charms of #Aldub. We’ve seen groups of people react passionately to the kalyeserye tandem, and have even seen a group of foreigners who created their own Aldub song. But did you know even government officials are getting into the fever?

In a video shared by the Facebook page of the US Embassy, Manila, Philippines, four diplomats are seen doing the famous pabebe wave. The video doesn’t introduce or name these diplomats, but the page acknowledges that even diplomats can ride the pabebe wave trend.

The kalyeserye is an improv soap opera known for its split screen frame (the two have not yet met) and Mendoza’s dubbing of lines from popular songs and films. According to Nielsen ratings, Eat Bulaga enjoyed a 300% increase in its viewership, including the highest of the year when Richards and Mendoza almost met. It also broke a worldwide record when it reached 39.5 million tweets during the Tamang Panahon event.

Watch the video below:

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