#VikingsFoodFest: A Monthly Affair of Free Food from Vikings Luxury Buffet

Let’s start with a short survey…who wants FREE food? If no, well, ok… 🙁  But if you do want FREE (and delicious) food, well, I’ll tell you where to get one:

…at the Philippines’ largest buffet restaurant- Vikings Luxury Buffet!


Last January, we’ve shared with you the newest and most delicious promo yet from Vikings Luxury Buffetthe monthly affair of giving away free food they’d like to call the #VikingsFoodFest! It is where all branches of Vikings nationwide give out various dishes under a theme.  January saw boxes of ‘steak-themed’ dishes given out like candies on Halloween. For February, the #VikingsFoodFest’s theme is as sweet as the romance brought upon by the monthYOGURT!

vikingsfoodfest_smjazz_23The beautiful Yogurt Fruit Tart

The mechanics to get those sumptuous blessings from Vikings is simple:

Have an Instagram account. Re-post a @vikingsluxurybuffet photo on Instagram. Line up before 3:30 pm (on the particular day of the month announced on Vikings’ Facebook page) and be one of the first 100 to do so. Show that you indeed re-posted the photo, and voila, you get your free food from Vikings!

vikingsfoodfest_smjazz_24My friend Jas is definitely happy with her Yogurt fruit tart haha


To experience the Vikings way of dining and the #VikingsFoodFest itself, the WhenInManila team was split into six teams to check out the affair, and for this article, I’d like to share with you our experience when we visited Vikings – SM Jazz.

Before the 3:30pm #VikingsFoodFest, we had our lunch first inside this European-themed branch of Vikings.  It was my first time to dine at the Vikings SM Jazz branch and it was nice to see the branch’s unique branding as compared to the other branches (wherein some are inspired by Norse Vikings, Black and White, Art Museum, and Nature themes).



vikingsfoodfest_smjazz_5The major areas of the SM Jazz branch are named after major European cities

As compared to the other branches of Vikings, the ‘tempo’ at the SM Jazz branch is much slower as the branch is relatively smaller, although still fully-booked, which gives everyone a more relaxed and stress-free dining experience. (You know that annoying moment when there are just too many people in front of you trying to get that steak? Hahaha)

Before dining, I roamed around first and checked out the selections.

vikingsfoodfest_smjazz_9Here’s  the chef about to cook my slices of slow roast beef

The theme of Vikings SM Jazz may be European, but it still, of course, presents most delicacy selections we can find in other branches, such as the local section, Japanese cuisine section, Italian cuisine section, and dimsum and shabu-shabu section.

vikingsfoodfest_smjazz_6Kuchinta + Pichi Pichi +Puto Bumbong = SARAP




vikingsfoodfest_smjazz_11A selection of fresh seafood such as malakapas, salmon jaw, and samaral


vikingsfoodfest_smjazz_15A kind reminder when eating sashimi…




vikingsfoodfest_smjazz_16Since I love sushi rolls (and I’m sure many of you do, too), I got variations of them, from Negi Maki and Kenji Maki, to Katsu Maki, Kanuki maki, and Crab Wakame


While eating, it was announced that someone was celebrating their birthday on that day, so just like how birthdays are celebrated at Vikings, an impromptu dance number by the Vikings staff happened! So if you plan to celebrate your birthday at Vikings, expect one of these, for sure!

♬Des-sert Time, come on grab your friends..♬



vikingsfoodfest_smjazz_21Matcha Green Tea and Salted Caramel Ice Cream with sprinkles

vikingsfoodfest_smjazz_19Happy faces as a result of happy tummies

After almost two hours of “pigging,” our stomachs finally had enough (in a good way)! Capped off with a free yogurt fruit tart from the #VikingsFoodFest, our dining experience at Vikings SM Jazz was increible, eccezionale, fantastich, fantastisk, foveros, and whatever European way of saying awesome – thanks to the hospitable staff!

Tune in this coming month to know the next theme of the #VikingsFoodFest! Who knows, it could be something related to graduation or the summer season!


Vikings Luxury Buffet – SM Jazz

Metropolitan Avenue cor. Nicanor Garcia Street, Makati City
Instagram: @vikingsluxurybuffet
Facebook: vikingsjazzmall
Twitter: @vikingsbuffet
891-3888/ 891-4888
#EatLikeAViking #VikingsFoodFest