Victoria Court Launches Their Newest Brand Ambassadors: Troy Montero, Aubrey Miles, Maurie and Hunter

 Victoria Court Launches Their Newest Brand Ambassadors: Troy Montero, Aubrey Miles, Maurie and HunterVictoria Court Ambassadors

Today marked the first for our industry. Victoria Court launches our newest Brand Ambassadors – Troy Montero, Aubrey Miles and their amazing sons Maurie and Hunter.

The press conference started at 5 PM with Marketing Director, Tanya Llana, opening the program.  She welcomed the wonderful press and media friends and was overwhelmed by the attendance and support.  The Casino Royale Suite was packed and all seats were occupied. A great start to an exciting evening.

The night got even more exciting as we introduced the Celebrity Brand Ambassadors who took their seats at the Poker Table and was joined by Victoria Court’s Managing Director, Ian King. A short AVP was featured to explain how and why this innovative collaboration began.

Here is the short Victoria Court Brand Ambassadors AVP: 


This is the first time Victoria Court has ever had full time Celebrity Ambassadors who will represent and answer questions about the brand and its direction. Troy & Aubrey are very excited to help bring awareness to what Victoria Court is all about. Troy uses Las Vegas as an example of the changes Victoria Court is trying to establish. Decades ago, Las Vegas was just for gamblers. You would never think of bringing your family there. As the years progressed, Las Vegas started to change and added entertainment for all, even for women and children.  Today, Las Vegas is one of the most visited destinations in the world – for the whole family. Victoria Court is similar in that sense and has expanded into thematic parties, staycations, anniversaries, on-line travel partners and so much more.


Ian King with Aubrey Miles, Hunter Cody Millet and Troy Montero

The Question & Answer portion of the program was very interactive. The press and media we’re really asking questions about how Troy & Aubrey will handle queries and their plans for the brand while also throwing questions at Mr. King about the direction and how it will compliment the current market. There were so much follow up questions and Troy, Aubrey & Ian had a great time answering each one.  We all finally agreed to have dinner and move to the Asgard Suite when Hunter announced he wanted to see Thor’s hammer already.

Aubrey Miles at The Asgard Suite


The F&B team went all out for the occasion and wanted to showcase possibilities if you book your parties at Victoria Court. The dishes were inspired by the Demi-god – Thor, as was the party suite.  The guests complimented the food and intricate design of the dishes. The party did not end there. After dinner, the press wanted one-on-one time with the Ambassadors for more questions and when they were finally satisfied with their answers, everyone said their good byes.


Tanya Llana and Ian King of Victoria Court


Victoria Court strives to reinvent itself and continuously grows to be better than its stiffest competitor – itself. We are truly looking forward to this exciting partnership with Troy, Aubrey, Maurie & Hunter! 

     Victoria Court team with the celebrity ambassadors

Victoria Court Launches Their Newest Brand Ambassadors: Troy Montero, Aubrey Miles, Maurie and Hunter

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