Travel Faster to Tagaytay as CALAX Open Silang Interchange in September

Wanting to travel to Tagaytay but afraid of the traffic ahead? Don’t worry as CALAX will open its Silang interchange this September.


Just in time for ‘ber months’ the Silang interchange will provide a faster route to Silang and Tagaytay and will help ease traffic on the busy Aguinaldo highway.



The upcoming exit of CALAX is now 91% completed and is targeted to be opened to motorists in September. Ongoing construction activities include the development of the toll plaza, concrete pouring for the main line and median barriers, as well as various finishing works. In the upcoming phases, the focus will be on the construction of toll facilities, including road lights, signages, and sound barriers. Additionally, preparations for the toll collection system are also underway. It is expected to cater to an additional 5,000 daily motorists, providing them with convenient access to these vibrant areas.

Looking ahead, CALAX will further expand to a total of 45 kilometers by 2024 and will feature eight interchanges: Technopark, Laguna Boulevard, Santa Rosa-Tagaytay Road, Silang East, Silang (Aguinaldo), Governor’s Drive, Open Canal, and Kawit Interchange. It will connect to the Manila-Cavite Expressway (CAVITEX) in Kawit. Currently, its operational segments stretch from Mamplasan Rotunda up to Silang East Interchange.