Toyota Motor Philippines – The World of Toyota: Celebrating 25 years of Wonders!

Toyota Motor Philippines – The World of Toyota: Celebrating 25 years of Wonders!



When in Manila, it’s hard not to have a ride of your own. It’s fun to stroll, have fun and just join the ride. Most of us Filipinos use public utility vehicles, but then there are a big number of Filipinos who also drives and actually are enjoying driving around Manila, Luzon, or just the Philippines itself. 

I want to be honest; the only thing I know about driving is just turning on the car and warming it up. I always say to myself that it’s ok if I don’t drive because it would be better if there would be someone who will drive for me. And since I have four brothers and my dad who has been there to always be my driver every time I need to go to somewhere, learning to drive was never in my mind.  But then don’t judge me just yet; I’m an avid fan of cars. I’m amazed on how it is an art to put up those bits of metals and make it work. How astonishing it is to know how the cars accelerate and how exciting it gets once the wind blows my hair when it speeds up. So when I was invited to go to the biggest car event of the year (so far), The World of Toyota, I was excited to go right away.


Looking at these cars, my dream of having someone to drive for me always got stronger. Imagine yourself in the back seat of these cars, sitting and relaxing while enjoying the view of the places that these cars will bring you.  Isn’t it nice to have a car that people will stare at? 




As I was going around the event these cars caught my attention and blew me away. Look at this James Bond automobile, with this kind of car you’d really be someone who’ll be chased by girls. This was featured at the 1967 James Bond film: You Only Live Twice.



Looking at the history of Toyota, it’s already proven that they can be a reliable vehicle for people no matter who they are. Catering to different kind of people with different backgrounds, I must say you really have a lot of choices with Toyota. From generation to generation Toyota has established that they were able to adapt whatever is brought by time. Look how the Land Cruiser has evolved. 












My personal favorite of The World of Toyota is bringing to life one of my favorite anime, InitialD. This show is about competing and racing with pride and honor for their town. It’s also about the techniques used in achieving a driving skill like never before. I was fanaticized looking at these cars, I felt that I was in InitialD and I’m with Keisuke, Ryosuke and Takumi (the stars of InitialD). I had goose bumps just by seeing it! 



InitialD’s Trueno 86 (Takumi’s car)






More jaw dropping cars!










So when in manila, The World of Toyota isn’t over yet, check out the cars from the past to the present! And you will see how great it is to have Toyota in your garage!  Toyota has a lot of surprises for us this August! Promos, instant prizes and raffle are in store to all visitors. Don’t miss the chance to bring back time as Toyota takes us to a car experience from past to present! 


The World of Toyota

*** is located at the World Trade Center – 2/F WTCMM Building, Gil Puyat Avenue Extension corner Diosdado Macapagal Boulevard  Magdalena Jalandoni, Pasay City

*** will run from August 10-18 2013 and open from 10:00am to 8:00pm 

*** for more information visit their website at 


Toyota Motor Philippines – The World of Toyota: Celebrating 25 years of Wonders!




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