Top 6 Reasons Why DotA Addiction Is Similar To Drug Addiction



When in Manila, it is not uncommon to come across an internet shop full of people playing Defense of the Ancients, or better know in the streetzzz (yes, multiple letter z’s) as DotA. The real-time strategy video game is actually a customized modification of the game Warcraft III. Kinda like how crack is a low purity form of cocaine, DotA is a smaller scale version of Warcraft III. You sniff Warcraft III in the restroom of clubs, while DotA is best done smoked through a glass pipe in a dark alley. Well, not really. One thing is for sure though is that, just like crack and cocaine, DotA is highly addictive. Here are several reasons why DotA addiction is similar to drug addiction.


6. Peer Pressure

“Hey man, do you play DotA? Looking for a good time?”

DotA addicts are always looking into converting others to play with them. If you ever meet one, chances are that one of the first things they’ll ask is if you play also. If it just so happens that you don’t, they will try to convince you to play. The first hit is free of course and you start off as a casual player. From casually playing, you start to become dependent and it gets harder to turn down invites from other addicts to go out and play. Before you know it, you’re headed towards a downward spiral and you’ve become a DotA addict yourself.

 5. Bad Crowds

In the world of DotA, players form groups called ‘clans’. Don’t let the Scottish-Gaelic word meaning ‘family’ fool you though because clan rivalry can turn hostile very quickly. Highly sophisticated and scientific studies show that 1 out of 3 shameful pwnages are caused by clan violence.

 [SoW]2Pac: Scourges of the WESTSIIIIIDE!

[SoE]Biggie: East Coast Scourges baby!!

[SoW]2Pac: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

[SoE]Biggie: >>:OO

 Watch this DotA related brawl at a net shop in Morayta:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ucilnhB-SJE

4. Financial Issues

These days, internet shop rates go from P15 to P20 an hour. It doesn’t sound too bad until you’ve been playing 12 hours every day and you rack up quite a heavy bill. Some players use prescribed medicine to enhance performance and according to the Afinil Express survey, it’s a lot more than we think. More highly scientific studies have shown that college students divide their allowance into: 8% for food, 5% for commute, 2% for school supplies and 85% for DotA. Once that 85% is depleted, there’s no telling what a DotA addict will do for extra money. “Can you lend me a hundred pesos? My uh… dog has uh.. sclerosis.”

3. Physical and Health Changes

If you personally know any DotA players, here are some physical tell tale signs to look out for that will indicate that he or she has developed DotA addiction. Playing DotA for excessive periods of time can cause:

-Blood shot eyes related to disturbed sleeping pattern

-Unusual odor from decline of grooming and bathing habits

-Weight lost from skipping meals in order to continue gameplay

-Weight gain from a steady Cobra energy drink diet and lack of exercise

-Wearing of the same clothing for several days straight (Probably a DotA or Mineski related t- shirt)

2. Neglecting Responsibilities

DotA can also easily replace your life priorities. DotA addicts will disappear for days because they’d rather play than say… show up to work, attend classes, or pick up grandma’s dementia medication from the pharmacy. So, while the DotA addict is leveling up his hero character, work or school performance are most likely dropping. Not to mention granny just almost tried to cook the pet cat into nilagang pusa.

1. Relationship Problems

DotA addiction can also be trouble for romantic relationships. It’s probably because DotA is pretty much like having a third-party involved. When given a choice to either play DotA or spend time with their significant other, the DotA addict will most likely choose DotA. If you ever visit their Facebook, you will probably discover that they have have more screenshots of gameplay than pictures with their girlfriend or boyfriend. Once the DotA addiction starts becoming a serious conflict in the relationship though, the addict will turn to secrecy and continue the addiction behind their life partner’s back. The secrecy usually poisons the relationship and eventually leads to a break-up.

 “Happy Anniversary, babe. I’ll be there in 30 minutes, I’m stuck in traffic. What? I can’t hear you? There’s no sig—-” *hangs up and continues to play*

Top 6 Reasons Why DotA Addiction Is Similar To Drug Addiction