This Tatay in Davao Sells Beautiful Handmade Kubos in a Bottle

Take me to Davao. Like, right now.

When I saw the photos last night as I was browsing through Facebook, this post by Penny Lane Tirol Dalumpines immediately caught my attention. I guess it was because I really have a soft spot for lolos and lolas, but other than that, I was deeply captivated by what this lolo could do.

Check out his skills!

lolo davao

This lolo in Davao City has been selling these lovely souvenir items for just PHP 80. Imagine that! For such a minimal amount, you can get this:

lolo davao

With the beauty and craftsmanship of it, I’m sure it can be sold at a higher amount but tatay only sells it for PHP 80. Since I saw this, I had been asking people from Davao whom I know to get me one and have it shipped here in Manila.

I mean, look at it. It’s lovely! I’ve fallen in love with tatay’s work as soon as I saw it.

For those who are in Davao, tatay can be found near Holy Cross of Davao College, according to the Facebook post. I hope people can drop by to check out his works and promote it more. They’re beautiful.