10 Fun-Filled Activities You Can Do When in Davao

I love Davao. 

Banana Beach Davao

I love how fresh, juicy, and delectable their dishes are. For instance, this lip-smacking Pinakbet na Seafood by Banana Beach Davao.

TRIVIA: Did you know that Banana Beach harvests their own herbs, spices, and vegetables? Yup, they do! I will have my full feature about them, soon. 

Banana Beach Davao Tuna Belly

Banana Beach Davao’s fresh and perfectly grilled Tuna Belly!

Meantime, let me show you activities you can do in Davao aside from the usual beach visits. Fortunately, Philippines AirAsia  gave us a chance to explore Davao for a little longer, so I was able to compile simple, yet fun-filled activities for the whole family!

Are you ready? In no particular order, here are the activities you can try next time you visit Davao City!

1. Night Food trip or Ukay-Ukay Shopping at Roxas Avenue

The night market or food trip strip at Roxas Avenue is a must-see place. There are two things you can do while in the area: eat and shop. Pretty easy, right?

mang danny ice cream

This is the infamous Mang Danny’s ice cream! People lined up for more than 2 hours just to try his flavorful ice cream!  (Source: davaofoodtrips.com)

The vendors start prepping up at around 4pm onwards.

Roxas food trip

If it wasn’t that hot and humid, we could’ve stayed until midnight. But, since it was packed, we just had our dinner there and left the place around 10 PM. I suggest getting the potato strip and basically, all grilled seafood!

Interestingly, what made me appreciate the place was how well they cleaned up afterward.


2. Appreciate and take a photo of the Durian sculpture found at the airport.

Davao Trip Air Asia

One the many fascinating sceneries in Davao City is their unique artworks made by Kublai Millan. Millan’s artworks are all over Davao. He has one in Banana Beach Davao, The Peak at Gaisano Mall, the giant eagle, Bagobo children in People’s Park, and more!

Banana Beach Davao

Millan’s marvelous designs at Banana Beach Davao Tourist Center

3. The view at Jack’s Ridge at Night

jakc's ridge davao

Source: daydocu.wordpress.com

You can also dine in at Taklobo restaurant. Of course, overlooking the beautiful Davao City.

Taklobo restaurant jack's ridge davao

Source: Jack’s Ridge website

4. Hang out at Matina Town Square

Matina square is Davao’s premier food, entertainment, arts and cultural landmark! It is the counterpart of Malate or BGC where bars, restos, or hangout places are located.

Matina Davao Square

Source: Livingdavao.com

More exciting activities for you and your family on the next page!