Garage 88 Burgers and Beers: Your Go-To Hangout in the Metro

It’s pretty obvious that the parties and hangout places nowadays have changed drastically. New establishments are opening every up hand over fist – all for one goal: to provide a unique experience.

Garage 88 Burgers and Beers

This is Garage 88’s lip-smacking appetizer called Tri-Cycle: composed of Nachos, Tex-Mex Rolls (or Spring Rolls), and Buffalo Chicken Tenders.

Most of the time, we would end up at a much simpler place, where we could just eat, chill, and relax. Admittedly, you prefer a place where you could really have fun without breaking the bank!

90s music

I’m a bonafide 90s girl! What song takes you down memory lane?

Anyway, I have another question:

What do you miss most about drinking with your barkadas back in the days?? 

Music? Food? Place? Stories? Well, I’m pretty sure everyone would say: “ALL OF THE ABOVE!”

Garage 88 Burgers and Beers

Don’t trip as the feeling is mutual!

Don’t you just miss those days where you and the whole Barkada would just buy beers at the liquor store and would share stories, listen to good old music, and kick it at the comfort of your own garage?

Well, look no further as I found a place where you can reminisce and bring back the good ole times – the Garage 88 Burgers and Beers.

Garage 88 has a wide variety of food choices perfect for pulutan, lunch, and enticing dishes perfect for the whole family! The Garage 88 has three branches: (1) Katipunan (2) 32nd Street BGC and (3) BF Aguirre, Paranaque.

Garage 88 Burgers and Beers

Tokwa’t Baboy is a staple Filipino pulutan. It’s deep-fried tofu and pork bits best mixed with a sweet and sour soy sauce and lots of green chilis!

Garage 88 Burgers and Beers

The Garage 88 Burgers and Beers was conceptualized and opened to the public by a visionary young entrepreneur, Kristine Lim of Soguilon Food Corporation. The first branch opened in November 2010 and is located at 32nd Street in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.

Garage 88 Burgers and Beers

This, however, was taken at their BF Aguirre branch. (Where my girls at??) As you can see, it looks rough, rugged, and raw. But it’s absolutely homely.

So, what does my throwback memories got to do with Garage 88? Well, apart from my being a bonafide 90’s fan, the place – Garage 88 Burgers and Beers – will let you experience a simple yet meaningful dining venture.

Let’s talk about their scrumptious dishes, starting it off with their appetizers, soup, and salad!

Garage 88 Burgers and Beers

Garage 88’s Caesar Salad: Crisp salad leaves tossed in Caesar dressing, topped with croutons, bacon strips, parmesan cheese, and grilled chicken breast!

Yes, a hangout or a bar place that serves salad. The Garage 88’s concept is not your ordinary hangout. It is diverse that welcomes even the non-drinkers or those people who just love to enjoy great conversation with friends!

Garage 88 Burgers and Beers

Tasty and soothing Bone Marrow Soup: A pretty straightforward soup that is best to get if you’re already tipsy! LOL.. All jokes aside, it’s delicious and you can have it for lunch or a dinner treat for you and yours!

The finger-food I’m going to introduce is one of my personal favorites, BBQ Chicharon.

Garage 88 Burgers and Beers

This is Garage 88’s spiced chicharon served with either sweetened or the regular vinegar. Promise, pwede na ulamin! (Good as viand!)

Next is their Buffalo Chicken Tenders! Remember the Tri-Cycle I showed above, this is an a la carte.

Garage 88 Burgers and Beers

Basically, it’s a crisp and juicy chicken finger dipped in buffalo sauce and generously served with bleu cheese dressing! Yes, delicious!

Do you want to know about their 12-inch Burger and other savory dishes? Click on the next page!


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