The Ostrich Farm: Serves Our Comfort Food with A New Twist!

We are born adventurous and always curious about everything! We love visiting new places, trying extreme activities (skydiving?

) or challenging our taste buds with one-of-a-kind dishes offered everywhere! Speaking of which, I tried this gem of a restaurant located at Blue Bay Walk, along Macapagal Boulevard – The Ostrich Farm.

The Ostrich Farm Blue Bay

I love how straightforward this place is. The vibe is light and a perfect place for friends to catch-up and munch on some real good food!

Admittedly, it was my first time to try ostrich meat. Although, I’ve heard from my sister and close friends that ostrich meat tastes better than the regular ones, it took some courage to taste one. It was just a thought of eating one of the fastest birds on earth! Please, don’t judge me. 🙂

So, the first one we tried was their Farm Salad. For someone who doesn’t fancy greens and salads, their version was an exemption. It wasn’t too citrusy nor sour.

Farm Salad - The Ostrich Farm

Don’t be deceived by the simplicity of the presentation. It tasted better than it looked!

Fact: Ostrich meat is rich in protein and contains more iron than beef, lamb, turkey, chicken, and pork! Perfect for people with anemia or low blood. 

Just when I thought I was fine with the salad, there came their mouthwatering burger.

Ostrich farm bay walk

One of their best-sellers is Sunrise Burger. I must admit that after the first bite, I felt it was a shame for not trying ostrich meat before! The meat is softer, tastier, and juicier than the usual gourmet burgers I’ve tried! The serving is good for two unless you’re really hungry – then by all means, devour this healthy and sumptuous burger!

I’ve also found out that the ostrich meat resembles beef in looks and taste, but is very low in calories, fat, and cholesterol.

Anyhow, I needed to make sure I can bring my whole family to this restaurant, so I tasted their spaghetti.

The Ostrich Farm - Meatballs Pasta

Their meatballs spaghetti was sweet, which I think my kids would love. Therefore, you can bring kids here and at the same time, it will be a learning experience for them.

Fact: Did you know that ostriches generally live up to 60 years?

Ultimately, one of the many reasons why I’d recommend this place is their version of ostrich salpicao and Farmers Nachos!

Ostrich salpicao

Served with rice and egg, this dish is truly a comfort food with a twist! The ostrich meat wasn’t gummy and as usual, it has a sweet taste that complemented everything on the plate!

Farmers nachos

We killed ours and forgot to take a photo of it. It’s alright. It happens. 🙂  Thanks, The Ostrich Farm for this wonderful photo!

However, if you’re not a fan of sweet sauce, you might want to ask for hot sauce to balance the taste.

Furthermore, The Ostrich Farm also offers desserts in a jar and gourmallows.

According to, a serving of ground ostrich meat can give you 84% of the daily recommended dosage of vitamin B-12, 51 percent of your selenium and about one-quarter of your daily niacin, vitamin B-6, phosphorus and zinc.

I’m not too much of a health buff, but it was worth looking into.

There you have it, guys! If you are up to a challenge of tasting some comfort food with a fresh new twist this weekend, head on to The Ostrich Farm and enjoy their 100% mouthwatering, straight from their own farm, ostrich meat dishes! Not only do they serve ostrich meat delectable delicacies, but also offers a wide variety of food choices perfect for everyone!

The Ostrich Farm

Cluster D, Unit 26, Blue Bay Walk

IG: @theostrichfarmbpw