The Ultimate Barkada Trip: Baler in 52 Hours

Assemble the squad, start up the engine, and get your good vibes ready, as we guide you to Baler, Aurora to check off some of the things in your squad goals list.

Day One

8AM to 5PM – Drive to Baler

The Ultimate Barkada Trip Baler 1

From Manila, it will take you around 5-7hrs going to Baler, Aurora via SCTEX. In our case, we came from Baguio City, so we took TPLEX. It took us around 7hrs, along with stopovers and a flat tire. When traveling with your friends, it’s better to rent a van instead of commuting. It’s much cheaper and more convenient, as well, since you can use it to drive around Baler, too.

The Ultimate Barkada Trip Baler 4

The long drive wasn’t a hassle at all. We didn’t event notice the time passing by because the scenery along the road going to Baler is just stunning. We didn’t hesitate to do some stops and just watch mother nature show off. Plus, we needed to stretch our legs anyway.

The Ultimate Barkada Trip Baler 3

Two hours before arriving at Baler, we got a flat tire along Pantabangan. So. be sure to get your tires checked before the long drive and be careful when driving on unknown terrain. In our case, our tires got cut by broken glass lying along the road.

The Ultimate Barkada Trip Baler 2Due to our excitement for the trip, we forgot to check the most important thing before leaving: a toolbox. Good thing a good samaritan came along and helped us replace our tires. So, when hiring a van, be sure to find your chill and check everything you need before driving off into the sunset.

5PM to 10PM – Sabang Beach and Chill

Old Parola Cottages 3

After the long drive, we finally arrived at our destination. We were warmly welcomed by our host, Tita Lor, at Old Parola Seaside Cottages located at Sabang Beach.

Old Parola Cottages 1

The place is just perfect for the squad since they offer barkada rooms.

Old Parola Cottages 2

Their rooms are located inside the nipa huts to give you the perfect Baler vibe. They offer rooms with fans and rooms with air conditioning.

Old Parola Cottages 4

Their common area is perfect after the long drive, as well, with 2 hammocks beside the beach located in a gazebo where you can talk, eat, and acquaint with other guests. This place is perfect for the ultimate barkada trip. Next up, crossing off some squad goals on the list. Read the next page!


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