The Frazzled Cook: A Cozy and Relaxed Dining Experience Hidden Away

When in Manila, I tend to seek out restaurants that are hidden away. The logic is simple, if you’re willing to go to a restaurant that isn’t conveniently located in a mall or commercial complex, then the food is bound to be good, because after all, why put in the effort to go to a mediocre restaurant? That logic applies to The Frazzled Cook (TFC), a cozy restaurant tucked away in San Juan City.




Upon entering the establishment, I felt myself immediately warm up to the place, drawn to its array of mismatched furniture and cozy atmosphere, it didn’t hurt that they had a killer playlist of chill music, as well. I know that people may take one look at the interiors and say that it’s comparable to Café Juanita, and well, yeah, it is. But my friend, Zzlleen Lee, who happens to be the owner, made it a point to mention that each and every piece was hand-picked and that unlike Café Juanita, none of the pieces are for sell (dang it, I had my eye on several of the chairs, oh well!).


Once we were settled and after a few minutes of conversation, the food was served and to say that the dishes were delicious would be an UNDERSTATEMENT, and no, I am not sucking up. I don’t need to, the food pretty much speaks for itself.



Herbed Chicken Salad (275). Rosemary Herbed chicken with salad dressed with the chef’s own vinegrette.



Scampi Pizza (320). Pinoy style pizza with Kesong Puti, Bell Pepper, Big Tomatoes and Shrimps on top. Make sure to drizzle it with their garlic oil!



Squid and Shrimp Croquettes (275). Squid and Shrimp wrapped with Paella rice inside then covered with a crispy crust of breading.




Wagyu Salpicao (510). Considered one of the best sellers, the salpicao was tender, easy to bite into,  had that distinct garlic-y flavor that we’ve come to associate salpicao with. It was pretty good, but not as good as…



Barbeque Short Ribs (400). This was hands down my favorite dish served that night! The beef ribs were glazed with a barbecue sauce and was incredibly delicious! I couldn’t get enought! 




Crepe Cake  (170). 21 layers of crepe with cream and vanilla icing filling on each layer of crepe for that soft pancakey texture yet light and filling to the tummy


Homemade Iced Tea Pitcher Small (250). Often described as lychee-ish or peach filled, they leave you to find out what’s inside their homemade iced tea that everyone’s raving about.



Alamid Coffee (295). The rarest cup in the world is now served in TFC in the Alamid Cafe Xpress way. You can be sure that each cup is freshly made by the servers who trained with a coffee connoiseur to be able to ensure quality and precision in each cup served.






Ladies and gentlemen, I dare say that The Frazzled Cook is a restaurant that is very much worth driving to as not only is its interiors quirky and amusing, but the food alone is very much worth your effort. Bring your family and friends for  a truly relaxed and splendid dining experience in a restuarant that comes off as cozy and exudes warmth, you’d feel right at home. So, when in Manila and looking for a restaurant that serves dishes that are nothing less than delicious and are worth every penny, make your way to The Frazzled Cook and have a great time!


 The Frazzled Cook

916 Luna Mencias St. Brgy Additional Hills, Mandaluyong

Mon – Sun: 11:00 a.m. to 10:30 p.m.

Tel Nos: 782 5980; 7253354




The Frazzled Cook: A Cozy and Relaxed Dining Experience Hidden Away



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