#TeamHuawei Update: MemoExpress and Other Major Retailers Rally to Support Huawei

As a Huawei loyal user, I couldn’t help but be so affected with the issues they are facing at the moment. Ever since the whole “fiasco” began,  I’d feel uneasy whenever I’d see exaggerated  “click bait” articles with negative headlines about Huawei (beware fellow netizens). Every day, it’s like, “Anong bagong negative news nanaman kaya ang lalabas about Huawei?” *sigh 

Huawei P30 Pro Mae Ilagan batch 2 4 of 6

I super relate to the millions of satisfied Huawei users… We love the brand so much because, over the years,  it never failed to provide us with features and innovations the perfectly suited our everyday needs – unmatched battery life, AI capability that adjusts to our personal preference plus outstanding camera features that inspire and ignite creativity on a daily basis. I must admit, as someone who has been dealing with stress and anxiety for years, my Huawei smartphones have contributed a lot in keeping me “sane.” The world looks and feels less dull whenever I browse through my gallery to revisit memories immortalized created by my Huawei phone.

If I were “marupok,” it would have been easy to sell my phones and switch to a new brand. In this case, my firm decision was, “Hello? Walang iwanan!”

And now that this brand which I so love is now is facing issues, my 1st instinct was, “What can I do? How can I help in my own little way?” I may not be as big or popular as the others, but I know I have a voice and no matter how small it is, I’ll use it anyway.


Last month, I gathered statements from  Google, Android and Huawei’s local PR arm and published the article – https://www.wheninmanila.com/attention-fellow-huawei-users-dont-panic/ to help alleviate panic and fear of Filipino consumers to use Huawei devices.

The past weeks, I’m delighted to read more positive articles about Huawei. Seems like fellow users from other countries have also expressed their support for the brand.


And now, here’s happier news:

Early this week, I received news that even mobile phone dealers are now rallying to support Huawei. To show trust and support for Huawei, they even came up with a Special Warranty Program to confirm use of Google Apps. I believe this is a great idea because it gives us users peace of mind and confidence in investing our hard-earned money on Huawei.

Thanks to our local Huawei team, I even got the opportunity to have a sit-down interview with the bosses of MemoExpress – one of the country’s biggest gadget dealers today. Here, I got the opportunity to personally ask Mr. Edward Tan, VP-Operations of MemoXpress about their company’s thoughts about the issue.

MemoXpress Logo

Here are the questions I asked during the interview and their corresponding answers:

1. Despite all the negative issues, why did you still choose to support Huawei?

“We have worked with Huawei hand in hand for the past 7 years. Huawei is a trusted company. In good times or bad times, we always help each other. It’s all about relationship. Tulong tulong.”

2. As a dealer, what is your advice to current Huawei users like me? What should we do? Do we need to worry?

“For me, not everything you read is actually true. It’s  all working so there’s nothing to worry about. We believe Huawei will find solutions to solve this, so no need to worry about it.

3. Would you still recommend Huawei to those who are planning to switch from another brand?

“We advice them to keep doing so if they plan to. Everything is still working as it is. I think this issue will not arise if they don’t think  Huawei is a strong contender. Huawei is really a trusted company. We have full trust in them.”

4. What Huawei features do you find most beneficial?

“I’m using 3 phones right now, so siguro I got the chance to compare. Especially on the battery, I always had to charge 3 times a day sa other brands, but sa Huawei, it was always a good experience. Then when I bought another Huawei phone for my child, ang pinaka-gusto nya is, because of the battery, he can play games the whole day.”

5. Despite the issues, will Huawei still be competitive in the Philippine market?

“ Yes, I believe so. I said a while ago, I don’t think this issue will arise if they didn’t consider Huawei as a very strong name/contender.

We believe that there’s a steady group of Huawei supporters here in the Philippines with the help of loyal consumers, operator partners, and retail partners, like us. For retailers like us, the best thing we can do to alleviate the fears of consumers who seek out answers is to educate them. We are aware that a lot of people out there are keen to spreading the news and over-sensationalizing what is currently happening, so whatever Huawei has put out there, may it be announcements or statements, we extend to consumers who are usually misinformed.”

6. Regardless of the outcome on August 19, 2019, will users still be able to use their Huawei phones with the current functionalities that they are enjoying? What will be the difference in experience?

“Yes, users will be able to continue using their Huawei phones as they normally would. Even after August 19, 2019, they will still continue to receive OS and security updates (e.g. Google Apps updates, security updates, non-Google updates, EMUI updates, etc.).

According to Huawei, there is no expected change in the experience with their Huawei mobile phones beyond August 19, 2019.”

Screen Shot 2019 06 19 at 7.21.38 PM

During the interview, I was also informed that MemoExpress along with over 100 other retailers will be offering a Special Warranty Program for Huawei buyers. If Google apps won’t work, they will give customers a full 100% refund. How cool is that?

Also, MemoExpress said that people can visit their stores anytime to request for a demo and provide help in their purchasing decisions.


It sure was nice to interview and exchange views with the people behind MemoExpress. It’s always comforting whenever people with authority or people in the know give you expert advice. As for Huawei, the saga still continues… I still strongly think that Huawei will eventually surpass these issues especially with the help of loyal retailers and consumers like us.