Over 100 Retailers Rally with HUAWEI by Offering a Special 100% Refund Guarantee If Google Apps Ain’t Working

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Special Warranty Program ensures continued use of Google apps on Huawei devices


Here’s great news to fellow Huawei customers!

The past weeks, I’ve read a lot of positive news where satisfied Huawei users expressed their loyalty and support for the brand. Now, even the biggest gadget dealers are rallying to support Huawei as well.

To assure consumers, partner retailers and dealers will offer a “Special Warranty Program” for upcoming purchases of any current Huawei phone. All devices covered by this special warranty will have no issue concerning usage of Google apps and services such as the Google Play Store, Gmail, Google Maps, Photos, Chrome and YouTube, as well as non-Google ones such as Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp.

This special warranty is offered exclusively by participating dealers to provide a worry-free experience for consumers with their new Huawei device. Plenty of retail partners such as MemoXpress, Rulls, and around 100 more support the special warranty program, reassuring consumers that all Huawei devices purchased from them are fully equipped with Google services ready to go.


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So if you’re planning to buy a Huawei smartphone, go ahead, no need to worry. Go visit these participating dealers to avail of this Special Warranty Program. 


For more info, visit www.facebook.com/HuaweimobilePH on Facebook and also MemoExpress at https://www.facebook.com/memoxpress98/ to know more about their special Warranty Program for Huawei customers.