Happy and Satisfied Users Express Confidence in Huawei’s Strength as a Brand

It sure is great to know that fellow Huawei loyalists are finally speaking up and expressing support for the brand. Despite all the issues that Huawei is facing at the moment, Huawei is still going strong and continues to grow with this super simple reason –  they make damn exemplary devices that cater to what people need!

Here are some actual statements by fellow satisfied Huawei users…

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Mark Lacsamana, Huawei Mate 20 Pro User


Mark Anthony Lacsamana, when asked if his Huawei Mate 20 Pro was worth his money, agreed wholeheartedly, saying, “Kasi, lahat ng mga gusto ko sa phone nandiyan na. Like, yung camera, malinaw siya kahit malayo. And then, yung tibay niya, ilang bagsak na yung phone ko pero super tibay pa rin and walang gasgas at all.”


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Ryan Lu, HUAWEI Nova 3i User


Ryan Lu took his Huawei Nova 3i in for Service Day, and he’s proud of his device choice, saying, “Very stylish, unique and affordable. Tapos very powerful. ‘Yung KIRIN processor… and what I like the most is, I can personalize and customize.” Regarding recent issues, Ryan is unfazed: “I don’t mind. Atsaka di na ako nangingialam doon sa issues. As long as maganda ang phone. Actually, papunta na dito ang family ko. Because of me, bumili sila ng Huawei.”


Pauline Delicano is another proud and satisfied Nova 3i owner, and having tried other brands before, switched to Huawei the moment she had the chance. “Now, it’s one of the most competitive brands. I think it [the issues] doesn’t really matter as long as we will get the services that we have always been getting. I don’t think it wouldn’t affect us that much as long as the current users won’t be experiencing any problems,” Pauline confidently says.


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Pauline Delicano, HUAWEI Nova 3i User

Mariel Tanggol, a Huawei concept store supervisor and a firm supporter of the brand, mentioned how thrilled her sales team was after hearing about the warranty program. “Before the warranty program, nakita ko naman sa mga sales promoters yung eagerness nila to help out consumers with their questions. Pero after lumabas yung warranty, nakita ko rin, as a supervisor, kung paano bumalik yung confidence and sigla nila sa pag-demo ng units and pag-explain sa customer tungkol sa issue,” Mariel lively says.

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Mariel together with her sales team from the SM Mall of Asia branch felt consumers’ trust and confidence towards the brand and has even seen a significant impact in sales after the announcement of the warranty program. Ultimately, consumers will benefit the most with the warranty program wherein they [consumers] now think that what they paid for is worth it, with some stating, “Yung nilabas kong pera hindi mawawalan ng halaga”.

Also, according to Mariel, most consumers were surprised with the fact that Huawei offers after-sales services like this and found that 99% of consumers that the sales promoters share the news with, shared ecstatic remarks about this while showing contentment as well.

“We are one with Huawei in pushing for quality service including after-sales initiatives that will surely put Filipino consumers first.” said Mr. Edward Tan, Vice President for Operations at MemoXpress. “We express our support and full trust with Huawei through this special warranty program to prove that Huawei devices are safe to purchase.”


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yours truly while using my Huawei Mate 20 Pro

As for me, I don’t see myself switching to another brand for now, as I’m genuinely happy with my bffs, Mate 20 Pro and P30 Pro. With my Huawei superphones, I enjoy super long battery life, lightning speed charging, a super smart AI assistant that adjusts to my needs, strong signal, and a camera co-engineered by Leica that captures pro-like images.  With all these exceptional off-the-grid features, there really is no reason to give it up. Luh?


During my recent trip to Shanghai, China, I even visited a Huawei concept store to buy new accessories for my Mate 20 Pro and P30 Pro. This is how confident I am with Huawei…

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At the end of the day, I believe it all boils down to the service and satisfaction that brands provide us. Huawei is definitely something that’s worth my every hard-earned peso. I’m even excited to know more about their new devices to be released soon!


If you’re a fellow Huawei supporter like me, I encourage you to also speak up and be heard. #TeamHuawei all the way!