Take a Peek into WIM’s Go-To Events Place at the Heart of Makati (and Why We Love It)

Written by: Jerenze Christian B. Cuaki
Infographics by: Colleen Lalo
Photos by Eunick Nobe and Vince Imperio (Batch 2)

With the abundance of event venues around the Metro, big or small, these spaces become the hubs for product and brand launches, workshops, meetings, and conferences. Most venues have sleek spaces for every event big or small and feature a comfortable ambiance. Penbrothers hits all the notes of creating a design and usability-oriented event venue that will make everyone happy. For those who do not know about Penbrothers, it is a start-up company that offers innovative manning and payroll solutions and comfortable co-working spaces. They also help start-up companies, too.

Looking for an event venue? Here’s why we love Penbrothers, our go-to events place:

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5. It’s located at the heart of Makati.

The main event venue, located at the sixth floor (with an auxiliary event venue at the 5th floor) of the OPL Building at Palanca Street Legaspi Village, is nearby everything around the center of Makati. Accessibility is not a problem (walking is life!) as the pedestrian bridge near the building allows access to different places like Ayala Triangle, Glorietta, and Greenbelt via a 5-10 minute walk. It’s also accessible to transportation, private or public.

11Rebecca Lee Talk Speaker Blogging Digital Marketing QLITAN QBO Penbrothers

8Rebecca Lee Talk Speaker Blogging Digital Marketing QLITAN QBO Penbrothers

9Rebecca Lee Talk Speaker Blogging Digital Marketing QLITAN QBO Penbrothers

4. Spacious and cozy.

Penbrothers is not just a company offering business solutions. They have spacious and cozy event spaces for everyone to enjoy. Having attended the first two WIMtern events, I appreciate how Penbrothers conceptualize event spaces as it looks like my third home, away from the chaos in the city. It’s perfect for conducting intimate events, especially in the main venue at the sixth floor. Aside from being conducive for events, there’s good LED lighting, airconditioning, comfortable seats (with office chairs too in the 5th floor venue), and an area everyone can move around.

penbrothers_eventvenueThe 5th floor venue features a spacious room with tables and chairs.

3. A fun and exciting event place for everyone.

Aside from the cozy interiors, they have cool board and card games like UNO, Cards Against Humanity, and Jenga. Games can add fun in the event as they promote camaraderie, friendly competition, and team spirit. There’s free-flowing coffee (and also hot/cold water!) on-site and free and fast internet connection available for everyone to use. Being a participant of the When in Manila Internship program, I joined teams and created buddies to form friendships and, soon, we can become successful content creators. Hope we can also play some games, too!

PenbrothersGame nights at Penbrothers


WIMterns Batch 2 Graduation Penbrothers

2. It’s complete with the things you need for an event.

For the sixth floor venue, there’s comfortable seating complete with tables and chairs, the latest in audiovisual equipment including an overhead projector, a wall-mounted projection screen, speakers, and a transparent whiteboard. There’s a presentation-ready TV at the fifth floor venue. I appreciate how they use the latest technology without compromising aesthetics and quality.

WIMterns Batch 2 Graduation Penbrothers



1. A hub for creative events!

Penbrothers has been chosen by some event organizers to hold events and sessions related to art, storytelling, and creative writing. It’s also When in Manila’s hub for their internship events/workshops since its second batch! The cozy space and cool amenities make Penbrothers a hub for creative events and I look forward for more of these happenings soon.

penbrothers_eventvenue2Al Amin’s Videography Workshop



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Penbrothers is an ideal place to hold various events, from product launches to creative sessions. Looking for a great event space that suits your needs? Just contact events@penbrothers.com or contact 541-5840!


100 C. Palanca St., Legazpi Village, Makati City, Metro Manila
Website: www.penbrothers.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/penbrothers
Instagram: @thepenbrothers
Twitter: @thepenbrothers
Email: events@penbrothers.com