LOOK: These Swimsuits are Made of Recycled Fishnets!

It’s always a good time to go to the beach; but when trash is everywhere, you can’t help but think about how long you can enjoy nature as humans continue to destroy it. I always make it a point to pick up any trash I see at the beach and I try to be as waste-free as I can, so it was amazing for me to discover a swimwear brand that eco-conscious island girls like me would really love.

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Body Party is a sustainable swimwear and beachwear brand for aesthetes and eco-conscious women. Established in 2015, Body Party continues to celebrate the woman’s body with its flattering pieces, which are fun, unique, and (most importantly) eco-friendly.

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Each piece of their New Wave Collection is made from discarded fishnets, which account for 10% of waste in the ocean.

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The iconic prints from this collection that make a bold and cute statement are by artists Frederic Forest and Tracy Emin.

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The material of the swimsuits is impeccable and hugs in all the right places. They have two-piece swimsuits that you can buy separately in case you have different sizes for your top and your bottoms. They also have high-waist bottoms, bandeaus, string bikinis, and maillots that you can choose from depending on your body type.

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Body Party


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