Shaka Swim: The Must-Have Swimwear This 2019

The weather’s getting hotter; summer is finally here! Getting the perfect swimsuit for any type of beach trip is one of the things we think about when planning a trip. After all, we look forward to taking some beautiful pictures on the beach. So, when choosing a swimsuit, looking good and feeling comfortable win.

Shaka Swim can be your go-to swimsuit shop this summer season because they feature swimsuits that do not have strings, clasps, or hooks – only comfortable, durable, and activity-friendly swimsuits!

ShakaSwim 49

Shaka targets women who are on the go and enjoy the beach, which is why they chose the famous hand signal surfers use – “shaka” – which means hang loose.

The Ellie is a classic two-piece swimsuit that was named after the professional surfer Ellie-Jean Coffey. Surfer babes who want to look great on the waves should try the Ellie that features a triangle design with a two-inch garter support. The materials are made with 100% spandex material and come with removable padding. They also have beautiful and versatile colors for you to choose from: black, wine red, royal blue, olive green, and coral.

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If you’re looking for a one-piece option or a bandage-type two-piece, check out their other pieces from their first collection: The Malia and The Layne.

They offer swimsuits in various sizes: extra small, small, medium, and large. Surprisingly, their sizes are pretty big for a local brand. From experience, I’m normally an L or XL when it comes to local swimsuit brands; but I’m an M in Shaka.

ShakaSwim 145

I was able to try out The Ellie and I can attest that it is definitely comfortable and with a great fit. No matter how much I jumped, ran, and swam; the swimsuit had a snug comfortable fit to it. I did not have to tug or pull on it anytime.

If you’re looking for classic, versatile, and comfortable swimsuits – look no further and get your summer suits at Shaka Swim!

Shaka Swim

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