Sci-Fi Series With Multi-Million Dollar Budget Uses A Normal Rambutan As ‘Alien Fruit’

Science-Fiction Drama Another Life may have the budget to cover effects and realistic props, but all productions have to save on costs some way, right? Some productions will do that by slashing salaries or overworking their staff, so maybe a small oversight on props isn’t too bad. After all, you have to admit that rambutans do have a slightly ‘alien’ look to them.

Another Life centers on a group of explorers undertaking a journey in space, attempting to uncover the mysteries behind a certain alien object. Its choice of food prop recently became a viral topic as two characters from the group were made to eat a rambutan during a scene. The usually mundane act of eating a rambutan was put in the spotlight as the show made it out to be an exotic extraterrestrial fruit.

It may have been poor quality control of props or someone honestly thinking a rambutan is exotic enough to be out of this world, but whatever the reason it resulted in the tropical fruit’s guest appearance in Another Life. It took the coveted role of ‘extraterrestrial fruit you can find on an alien moon’.

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Netizens from Southeast Asia poked fun at the revelation, wondering how a show could take something so commonplace (at least for us) and place it against the backdrop of space exploration. Many admitted that the rambutan may certainly look very alien to others, but it was just too familiar of a sight to accept. It was all in good fun, of course, because why shouldn’t aliens get to enjoy the sweetness of the rambutan?

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