A “Perfect” Durian Is Sold For P2.5M At An Auction

The durian may be one of the most controversial fruits in existence. Sides are divided between calling the fruit a delicacy or just plain off-putting. But here in Asia, the opinion towards durian is generally favorable with it being called an ‘acquired taste’ at worst. In fact, there is even an annual durian auction that typically sees its top earner rake in around $3,000 or Php 156,000.

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This auction takes place in Nonthaburi, Thailand and is called the King of Durian festival. There were a total 9 durians up for auction this year with species like Monthong and Kop Med Tao garnering bids of $9,585 or nearly Php 500,000 each. But the cream of the crop, the Kanyao durian, went for $48,000 which is around Php 2.5M.

perfect durian

Image from Reuters

This particular durian is so valuable since it is native to Nonthaburi and is grown in only very select farms. Back in 2011 a massive flood almost destroyed all the durian trees in the area. The Pa Toi Lung Mu farm, where the Kanyao durian comes from, was one of the only places able to save and cultivate the species afterward.

Additionally, the Kanyao durian is said to be famous for its ‘sweet taste and creamy texture’. This is achieved through farms limiting their production of a few fruits per tree in order to concentrate the sugar content and nutrient density. This particular durian was noted for its “perfect size, shape and ripeness.”

perfect durian 1

Image from NextShark

Despite these selling points, the exorbitant amount still came as a surprise to farm owner Maliwan Han Chai Thai. In an interview with asiaone, he stated:

I knew this was a very special durian but I was amazed at how much it sold for. I was expecting one million baht so for it to sell more is very good.

I hope the high bidder enjoys eating the durian.

This variety is the tastiest in the world and we will keep growing them.

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The proceeds from the auction were directly given to the respective farmers with a fraction being donated to charities.

What would you spend P2.5M on instead of a durian?