Sam YG Just Added Svenson to His Pogi Maintenance Program

If there’s one thing that Sam YG is passionate about, it’s his Pogi Maintenance Program. And what better way to maintain the health and abundance of his hair than by joining the tried, tested, and trusted name in hair and scalp care: Svenson.

Sam YG Svenson Pogi Maintenance Program

Last February 23, 2016, the Magic 89.9 DJ officially signed on with Svenson. He was welcomed by the rest of the Svenson Team along with RX 93.1 DJs Chris Schneider and Gino Quillamor. It may seem unlikely for the three to be playing for the same team, being from two different radio stations, but because they value their hair as much as the next guy, they’ve joined forces to spread the word to be vigilant about your hair care and to fight for every strand.

Sam YG Svenson Pogi Maintenance Program

Because one never knows when hairloss is going to creep in, and it’s something that Sam YG doesn’t want to be bothered or worried about, now or in the future. He lives by the saying “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” and doing Maintenance Treatments at Svenson is right up that alley.

Sam YG Svenson Pogi Maintenance Program

With Svenson’s help, Sam YG’s Pogi Maintenance Program just got a whole lot better and easier. You may give Svenson a call for a free hair and scalp analysis.




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