Svenson StemPlus Helps Fight Hair Loss in Both Men and Women

Svenson StemPlus Helps Fight Hair Loss in Both Men and Women

When In Manila, it is very common for men to attain hairloss, may it be from genetics or through scalp problems. Men with these said problems can now rejoice with Svenson Stemplus‘ advanced capabilities in stopping this hair loss issue, and even possibly regenerating hair once again. Something to clamor more about would be the Svenson StemPlus Advanced Anti-Hairloss technology! Let’s dive further into Svenson StemPlus, shall we?


I was very honored to be able to interview Svenson StemPlus‘s chief Trichologist, Mr. Michael Bernstein, regarding how Svenson StemPlus works.

Svenson StemPlus – How does it work?

Hair follicles contain stem cells, the body’s master biological cells that can reproduce copies of themselves to replenish drying or damaged cells. The Svenson StemPlus solution contains stem cell activators, which are applied to the scalp using a specialized dermal infusion system. This allows the solution to penetrate deep into the hair follicles. Once absorbed by the scalp, it then activates and regenerates dying follicle cells, which have shrunk due to aging or other hair problems, to produce stronger, healthier hair.

Does it work on everybody? 

Most people who suffered from rapid receding and thinning have shown a significant improvement in hair strengthening and reproduction with Svenson StemPlus. Though the rate of hair regrowth depends on the degree of hair degeneration, all clients who have undergone the Svenson StemPlus treatment saw positive improvements over time.

What is involved in a treatment?

Each 50-minute treatment session begins with preparatory scalp cleansing, followed by the application of Svenson StemPlus using the infusion system and electroporation, which increases absorption, and then scalp stimulation. Depending on the extent of hairloss, treatments are ideally done every 10 to 14 days. Once positive results are observed, intervals between treatments can be extended to 3 to 4 weeks.

Mr. Michael Bernstein was also nice enough to let me interview him and tell me more about issues with hair loss. It’s actually true what he mentioned about hair loss being a young man’s problem instead of an old man’s problem. Because of how media perceives hair loss, young men who experience hair loss tend to get more affected than how they already are. It is how the media has shaped our views that created a much bigger issue. Older men often undergo hairloss, and it’s no surprise young men in their 20’s begin losing hair, as well. It is a huge factor to the younger generation where fashion and looks are still very important. Oh, and IT IS NOT ONLY A MAN’S PROBLEM! Even women who are genetically made not to undergo hair loss do uncommonly experience hair loss themselves.

I was lucky enough to be able to experience the Svenson StemPlus process, so here I am showing off some photos I took of the procedures!



I was lucky enough to be able to experience the new Svenson StemPlus procedure and also have my scalp health checked! This is the first step into the Svenson StemPlus procedure. They check your scalp condition to know what to do to help stop hair loss, as well as to maintain scalp care and health.




The second step was the cleansing of the hair and scalp to remove dead skin and to clear pore clogs. A cleansing solution is induced into this spray gun and is used on the scalp and hair. After this, the scalp is massaged thoroughly for the solution to dive deeper into the scalp for maximum cleansing.




Here’s Svenson StemPlus‘ special machine where the brush/spray is connected to. It’s also used for their other procedures. One of the processes that I had to go through, the scraping of the scalp, used this machine and connected it to a scraper with micro vibrations. That step was done after the spraying of the scalp to remove residues and clear the scalp of dirt to allow the Svenson StemPlus solution to absorb properly.

SvensonStemPlus05Here are the two solutions that are used in the process.

SvensonStemPlus06There is also a scalp massage and shampoo-rinsing process as part of the procedure. This is to stimulate the pores and glands to reproduce hair. 

SvensonStemPlus07Small but terrible! I kid 🙂 But yeah, this roller tickles a little since its purpose is to poke small pores/holes into your scalp to infuse the Svenson StemPlus solution deeper into the scalp. 

SvensonStemPlus08Wuhoo, procedure #selfie haha! This is the infrared machine that helps spread and further enhance the Svenson StemPlus treatment. 


After the entire procedure, my scalp felt very relaxed and refreshed! It’s not a 1-shot thing, though, so a multi-procedure package has to be taken. Many celebrities attest to the Svenson StemPlus technology and have proven that it really does work. The new Svenson StemPlus procedure will definitely revolutionize the issue for both men and women undergoing hair loss. So, if you’re one of those who wants to prevent hair loss When in Manila, do try Svenson’s StemPlus technology!

SvensonStemPlus09The good-looking team of Svenson StemPlus Philippines with Mr. Michael Bernstein!



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Svenson StemPlus Helps Fight Hair Loss in Both Men and Women


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