Renew Your Energies, Meditate and Load Up with Good Vibes at Third Eye Wellness



It has been a habit for me to attend Ms. Teresa Garcia‘s Sacred Activations workshops over at Third Eye Wellness every month for the simple reason that, I feel relaxed and renewed after each session… more like an instant “reboot!”


Please don’t get me wrong, like most Filipinos, I’m also a Catholic and very much believe in God of course. And just because I choose to explore more about my spiritually doesn’t mean I’m a Satan worshiper. lols “Ang OA!”  I also believe in the Law of Attraction and ThetaHealing© as they have brought a lot of positive changes in my life since I practiced them.


Like some of us, I value not only my religion but my spirituality (much more actually) as well. By attending these workshops and meditations, I also gained deeper understanding about myself and the Creator. I no longer question my existence nor doubt my purpose in life.  I’m now able to be more neutral with things, be more grateful and live with much much less drama and fear.  


I believe that we are all part of this one grand energy field and all of us can affect everything and everyone we meet or speak to. I’m very sensitive about that, so as someone who  travels a lot to meet people from different walks of life, I tend to be super conscious of the kind of energy/vibe I give out. You see, there are many people who unconsciously emit such a contagious negative vibe that we feel heavy and sluggish after an encounter with them. What’s even worse is that, most of the time, our day may get ruined because we have absorbed their bad vibes! huhuhuhuhu….. I’m sure you’ve experienced this before and trust me, you have to know how to get rid of those “Negatrons” as you will also affect others.


To be an energy vampire (a persons who sucks out the energy in you when you talk to them) is something I would not want to become… instead, I’d like to be a person whom people would find very pleasant or gracious to talk to and deal with.  To be able to affect others positively and make them feel blessed, is something priceless I believe and the good news is, we are ALL capable in achieving that…. all we have to do is be more open and simply learn how.


Ms. Teresa Garcia‘s Sacred Activations workshops have indeed helped me a lot not only in renewing my energies, but also in helping me ease stress by clearing and calming my mind through meditations. I love visiting  The Third Eye Wellness Center in QC along Scout Rallos (coz I live in QC) for the people there are super nice and the ambiance is so calming. And every after each workshop, I’d experience more blessings, good news and more opportunities, because of course, I was able to eliminate the bad vibes which have surrounded me. I know I’m not an expert in this… I may not be able to explain it fully as the experience is so indescribable that I guess the best thing to do for now, is to invite you to try it yourself and feel the difference. I was also a skeptic at first, but now, I always look forward in every session. =)


On September 16, Ms. Teresa  Garcia will facilitate yet another powerful class called, “Aligning with your Life Purpose through Quantum Healing” also at the Third Eye Wellness in BGC and  Third Eye Wellness QC branch on Sept 24. It will be my first time to attend a Quantum Healing class so I’m very excited! I hope you can join so we can be classmates! hihihi


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Sacred Activations Teresa Garcia Third Eye Wellness


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Renew Your Energies, Meditate and Load Up with Good Vibes at Third Eye Wellness