Experience Miracles in Love, Money, Career etc with the “Sacred Activations” Workshops by Ms. Teresa Garcia

After learning ThetaHealing©, my life has never been the same. I used to be a skeptic at these things, but when unexpected blessings and opportunities started to pour, I just had no other choice but believe.

After taking the Basic and Advanced ThetaHealing© courses last year, my earnings doubled, my health improved, got more gigs, travel opportunities and met so many new friends! Because of the abundance I was receiving, I must admit that I became too busy to even visit the center in BGC to meditate and learn. 

This year, my wish to have a Third Eye Wellness near my house came true. Finally, a center right in Quezon City. Only 30-45mins from my house. The classes offered here are equally interesting like the ones in BGC.

Third Eye Wellness Sacred Activations When In Manila Mae Ilagan-2

Ms. Teresa Garcia as she prepares for class….


Anyways, today I’d like to write about my experience with perhaps my favorite class at the Third Eye Wellness now -The Sacred Activations Workshops facilitated by Ms. Teresa Garcia. If I remember right, it was around last May when I attended my 1st Sacred Activations class. I’ve heard so many good feedback about this class so I got really curious. Her topic then, was all about Manifesting Money and Prosperity…. and so i was like, “Ooooohhh!! Bet ko yan!”  You see, my life was in a mess that time… I was coping with the death of my grandma plus, I just left my job so I was struggling to start-up my own gigs. Money was of course scarce and the future seemed uncertain. One thing remained high though… my self-esteem and determination. =)

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Ms. Teresa Garcia doing readings using The Millennium Method 


That time, I knew I had to pick myself up. I knew I needed to raise my energy again in order to attract good things,  the right people  and manifest opportunities just like what happened to me last year after taking-up ThetaHealing©. And yes, as expected, that first Sacred Activations class with Ms. Teresa Garcia  went so well, that right after I stepped out of the workshop, I already got a text message from a client asking me about my bank details as he’s about to deposit his payment! I was like, “WOW!!! WTF ang galing!”

The workshop fee which I paid returned to me 6 fold!! The next couple of days, more and more financial blessings came….. and in such a short time, I was able to set things-up and have a steady source of income.

Third Eye Wellness Sacred Activations When In Manila Mae Ilagan

And so last week, I once again joined Ms Teresa Garcia’s Sacred Activations class at the Third Eye Wellness QC. This time, the theme was about Love and Relationships! Naks!

Like with each of Ms. Teresa’s fun classes, it lasted again for more than 3 hours! hehehe It was loaded with meditations, ThetaHealing©, Millenium Method, Sacred Activations, Sacred Geometry etc. Ms. Teresa tends to be spontaneous and quite unpredictable during class as she has to flow with the present energy of the whole group and work on what is needed during that moment. With her workshops, I also get to learn, reflect and examine myself more. I really love everything about her workshops for they always guarantee a renewed vibration and that inner feeling of happiness and “good vibes” which most of us rarely experience nowadays. I would always feel that something inside of me has been resolved, making me feel renewed and refreshed… pretty much like an energy reboot. I’m just really thankful that a class like this is available in Manila.

Anyways, Ms. Teresa Garcia will have another Sacred Activations class this coming August 19, from 6-8pm at The Third Eye Wellness, BGC which is intended for empaths, healers and light workers. I believe that this is of course open to everyone with an open mind and who wish to be awakened.

Have you ever encountered an Energy Vampire before? These are people whose vibe seem to just suck out the life in you… I’m sure you know what I mean! If yes, then these Sacred Activations will help protect you from all sorts of psychic attacks, curses etc. Aside from these healings, expect to attract more blessings afterwards as these powerful energies do bring forth miracles! I know, because I’ve experienced it myself countless times.  =)

I highly recommend you join and prepare yourself for the miracles that will unfold!

Visit this link to join the event: https://www.facebook.com/events/326942567465019/?ref_dashboard_filter=upcoming

Third Eye Wellness Sacred Activations When In Manila Mae Ilagan


The Third Eye Wellness 

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Experience Miracles in Love, Money, Career etc with the “Sacred Activations” Workshops by Ms. Teresa Garcia