REGATTA : Spice up your look with the Little Blue Dress

When In Manila, sticking to a particular brand which offers good quality items adorned with style and a reasonable price tag has not been a shopping norm for some. That’s because it’s not a walk in the park to find a brand that offers all these categories. Back in college days, I was gawking at the posh windows of Regatta (Glorietta branch in particular) and their exquisite looking items, without the knowledge that it was actually a Philippine brand. Who would think so? Their clothing’s so expensive looking! Regatta Philippines is a reinvented clothing brand, now embraced by Golden ABC Inc. (who boasts of the brands Penshoppe, Tyler, Oxygen, Memo, For Me and more) under its belt.

Regatta had been successful in its foray in Manila’s ground with its stylish and leisure-wear range of products that has obviously drawn subtle yet solid followers over the past 20 years. This success inspired the brand more in bringing in clothing, (casual wear mostly) that is inclined with different themes and needs of different marketing groups. It was in the year of 2000 that I got hooked in getting Regatta pieces. I managed to buy from them when I started working and earning on my own. I can still recall that I adore their shirts and boxer shorts! Regatta clothing’s robust, I liked the way they are classically made and fuss-free.

As most women know, the LBD is a wardrobe staple. LBD aka Little Blue Dress is a killer outfit in which every woman should possess. Well, what do you know another LBD deserves that space inside your closet. I got hold of one of the latest pieces from Regatta and just what can I say the moment I glanced upon it: “Move ovah Little Black Dress, it’s time for my Little Blue Dress to shine” =)



Actual piece on Feature:

Feminine Royal Blue Frock by Regatta



Regatta continues to offer that panache for style, comfort and elegance that comes in great quality products that won’t break your bank. Regatta has established its own distinction of having that Lifestyle Quality Clothing, don’t you think so? They have propelled their brand to a certain degree that when you shop from them, you’ll know that you’re getting your money’s worth…talkin’ bout being economical! Simply means, more quality clothing options at great affordable prices!

I think Regatta clothing score points in terms of style and design innovation. With one polo shirt, you can now find many styles and unique designs to fit your comfort zone…nautical stripes, colour block and the whatnot. So you are not limited to just a plain colour shirt like those usual branded shirts you see on the metro eh? A plain polo tee may look plain enough but never neglect design and you’d have a bigger and better market. There comes in the Regatta strategy that makes them more competitive amongst other brands.




The dress is in full optimistic colour of royal blue (slightly saturated), a tad brighter and presto, it’s in my favorite cobalt blue. Oh by the way, the item description above is from yours truly and not an official description from the company… just a lil FYI there =) .





Have you checked out my Marina Bay Sands & Art Science Museum impromptu day trip here? I was not lying when I said that this place is astonishing at night. The Helix Bridge is like a futuristic sci-fi world, or if you have seen the latest flick of Colin Farell, the Total might have a better understanding of what I mean.



The dress is lightweight and breathable with a fitted waist and tie belt of the same colour/fabric and has those matching pocket flaps on the bodice. It’s not that piece with a lot of that drama though, but what brings the merriment is the versatility it offers.


Length is perfect (hits perfectly above the knees), and I find the blue hue is rich without being too much on the eyes. Initially, I thought that the style would overwhelm my medium frame but there is some spandex in the dress for adjustability. The poofiness of the bottom is just right and not overrated. The cut gives a great girly shape without being clingy or tight and the fabric actually feels like silk!




Quality of the fabric is great; though thin it’s not by all means sheer. Gotta love that, but still better to wear a good slip in case of emergencies. Complements any skin and those with dark hair should have a piece of this wardrobe in their closet.

This can be dressed up or down depending on what’s needed. This is suitable for an office work outfit (can work with a black/camel toned blazer) and when night time comes? Here’s how the simplest way to dress it up.

I slid on my strappy heels, adorn my wrist with a golden cuff and just grabbed a clutch that would contrast against this modest dress, in this case a faux snakeskin bronzed clutch.


Royal blue dresses can be best complemented with a pair of gold earrings and a necklace. 



Remember that frocks such as this dress look fantastic with heels! What do you get then?  Swift sassy ensemble, spot on.  


Overall, this dress is a beautiful hue of blue that fuses fashion with a comfortable fit.




I took this little blue dress out for a walk..a shopping night out to be exact.





If comfort becomes paramount, you can easily change into a flat, strappy and yet sexy looking sandals. Choose flats carefully, as it dresses down your outfit to a more casual, practical and less fussy ensemble. Turns out, this dress still looked chic even when worn with flats. 











I found a perfect place to unwind at 0200H in Marina Bay Sands. I loved to have peanut butter toast dipped in soft boiled eggs and a mug of hot chocolate on the side. Not forgetting my current read of the month.


@ TOAST BOX, Marina Bay Sands

With pieces that complement your leisurely lifestyle When In ManilaRegatta offers a wide array of finely-crafted shirts, wovens, jeans and accessories that are not only effortlessly stylish but cool, comfy and perfect for any of your chosen weekend happenings or getaways.


 Accessories (author’s own): DIVA Singapore | Zalora Singapore | Burberry Watch



When was the last time you actually went inside a Regatta store? Give yourself some time to shop and you might be in for a surprise! Perhaps spot that plaid shirt or polo tee you’ve been looking for quite a while now? Or maybe find that dress your significant other have been trying to save up for Christmas. Do check out the Regatta Facebook page as they update it daily with the current trends and latest promotions for all Regatta fans.


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