The Art Science Museum at the Marina Bay Sands: A Must-See Attraction


When In Manila and is planning to visit the fine city of Singapore,  one of the premiere destinations to check out is the Marina Bay Sands. Now, located adjacent to the prestigious Marina Bay Sands is the Art Science Museum. These two are the newest landmark of must-see attractions in Singapore. For some the Art Science Museum is merely a plain half-shell egg building (it really has an unusual shape!) but the Internationally renowned architect  Moshe Safdie actually had the lotus flower design in his inscrutable mind while he was drafting it.  




According to Marina Bay Sands:

The Art Science Museum is an iconic presence along the Marina Bay Sands waterfront. It is a living, breathing embodiment of the ArtScience theme.

The Art Museum asymmetrical design looks more like of an open-faced palm with fingers widely spread out as if waiting for something majestic to fall off from the sky. This was tagged by the Las Vegas Sands Corporation as “The Welcoming Hands of Singapore”.  The fingers were actually gallery spaces and designed to invite the daylight to illuminate its interior, so cool isn’t it? But beyond that revolutionary idea, I think it’s something that triggers our instinct to connect once again to nature itself. Expanding resources and incorporating them into this state of the art design elevates Singapore’s tourism industry to another notch higher. 






I humbly paid the Art Science Museum a visit to witness two of the biggest blockbuster exhibition ever held in Singapore: The Titanic (100th Year of Anniversary) and Harry Potter (The Exhibition). The Art Science Museum definitely is a grand landmark made for Singapore, fusion of art and technology confined into one fascinating attraction.

If you have a pending application with Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry, then you must have witnessed this! I’m still waiting for my acceptance letter tho. *wink wink!

As part of the Marina Bay Sands, I allotted a day to see how the Art Science Museum looks like in day time. Scorching heat it is, and albeit of the Mighty Sun King’s furious rays burning my skin, I actually found myself enjoying while taking these snap shots. 

Beautiful architecture, bewitching structure. I may not possess an architectural degree under my belt, but my late father has and I grew up learning and admiring how architects roll with finesse.


The admirable glass pavillion which envelops the Art Science Museum with charm and serenity. It encompasses the Marina Bay Sands elegant theme overall.


Its bowl-shaped roof leads to an internal waterfall and is conspicuously fed by rain.  It is then channelled down to the center of the building and into a lily pond reflecting pool!



Look up and this is what you’ll see:

Can you spot MBS-zilla ? (=

Okay one more time. ..or does it remind you of an Imperial AT-AT Walker?? Yes?! (Star Wars fiend, represent!)

Sightings around the Art Science Museum & Marina Bay Sands:

Under the Sky Park of the Marina Bay Sands. This is the curved cantilever that sits above the 3 towers, another new-must-see-place! This is Mr. Merlion’s newest buddy cum neighbor. It looks like a surf board eh?



The Helix Bridge and Singapore Flyer in broad daylight. So, whoever said Marina Bay Sands and Art Science Museum are worth a visit only at night?
Lover of designer bags such as LV? The La Louis Vuitton Island Maison welcomes you with open arms!
The reflection of the lily pond and Marina Bay Sands on my frame is so cooling to the eyes; BOKEH reflects, really nice =)
I “trespassed” into a no-entry zone to capture this one haha! Unsure if it really was;  but there’s this yellow strip I saw and I don’t even know what it  was meant for.  As mentioned, the Art Science Museum is anchored by this round base situated in the middle of the building to which rainwater is accumulated to form the internal waterfall.  The water is then recycled for use in the museum’s bathrooms, a distinct eco-friendly move. Way to go, Singapore.
The therapeutic waves that silently washed away the extreme heat I felt while I was taking all these photos under the mid-day sun , 1400H to be exact, beat that. =) It is always a challenge to deal with hard sunlight, with the sun high up I need to make my subject not to be totally blown out. Seeing the aftermath made me realize how beautiful this place is even without the psychedelic light displays at night.
My next mission, capture the Sky Park , the infinity pool, Avalon and more….and promise to take you all with me. We’ll all get a glimpse of the magnificent things to see down below the Marina Bay Sands and the Art Science Museum. Now, how to execute my mission is the ultimate question.  I’m still waiting for dear Santa to grant me an overnight stay at this extremely posh hotel haha. I am so gonna hang my Christmas stocking a whole lot earlier this time!  Wish me luck then.

When In Manila and you’re still stuck on which places to go to in Singapore, make sure to mark Art Science Museum and Marina Bay Sands on your list… no, rather make this place be the No. 1 on your list. Marina Bay Sands and Art Science Museum goes hand in hand you know =) So, embark on this journey and see the newly added attractions Singapore has to offer. 
ArtScience Museum
Marina Bay Sands

10 Bayfront Avenue, Singapore
Tel: +65-6688.8868

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