Quesadillas Overload! Mexican Food Goodness at Casa Quesadilla, Maginhawa

Quesadillas Overload! Mexican Food Goodness at Casa Quesadilla, Maginhawa


Mexican Food Casa Quesadilla MaginhawaCasa Quesadilla, Maginhawa: let your Mexican food trip begin! 


If you’re wanting to experience great tasting Mexican food, Casa Quesadilla will satisfy the taste you’re looking for! Located along the famous Maginhawa Street in Quezon City, this recently-opened Mexican restaurant is home to the best-tasting quesadillas and nachos at very affordable prices. What’s more delightful here is that they’ll give you free nachos when you visit them at Maginhawa from 1:00-5:00 in the afternoon, but for a limited time only! Meanwhile, get ready for the Mexican food goodness! 


Mexican Food Casa Quesadilla MaginhawaMexican Beef Quesadilla (P110)


One of their bestsellers, the Mexican Beef quesadilla is oozing with flavour as you taste the combination of beef and cheese sliding in your mouth. Choose from their tasty homemade salsa or white sauce as your dip and enjoy each bite of this yummy quesadilla! Do you wanna have another Casa Quesadilla beef recipe, but with a twist? Here it is:


Mexican Food Casa Quesadilla MaginhawaBeef Yakiniku Quesadilla (P140)

Go Japanese with Casa Quesadilla’s Beef Yakiniku quesadilla! For only P140, taste a fusion of Mexican and Japanese food. This recipe by Chef JB Calungcaguin will give you a kick of Asian flavour wrapped in their special pita bread. Delicious!

Mexican Food Casa Quesadilla MaginhawaSpinach & Chicken Quesadilla (P130)


Now, if you’re on a diet and don’t wanna eat too much red meat, here’s the right quesadilla for you: Spinach and Chicken with blue cheese. Cooked with the right amount of white meat and vegetables, be sure to savour each bite because this is another bestseller from this hippie Mexican restaurant!

Now, get ready for another explosive dish only from Casa Quesadilla…


Mexican Food Casa Quesadilla MaginhawaBOOOM! THE Dynamite Beef Rolls! (P99 for 5 delicious pieces)


How about an explosion of meaty and spicy goodness rolled in one? The Casa Quesadilla dynamite beef rolls are our favorite! And it only costs P99 for 5 big sized pieces – can you believe that? SULIT!


Mexican Food Casa Quesadilla Maginhawa

Mexican Beef Burrito (P130)


Should you ask for more Mexican food goodness, then have a BURRITO! Their Mexican Beef burrito will surely leave you full.


Mexican Food Casa Quesadilla MaginhawaThe Ultimate Nachos for sharing! (P130)


You may also try their Ultimate Nachos for sharing with your family or friends! BURP! But wait, leave some room for dessert! Another quesadilla??? 

Mexican Food Casa Quesadilla MaginhawaBanana Nutella Quesadilla (P99)


Here’s a really sweet ending to your quesadilla food trip! Don’t miss their luscious Banana Nutella quesadilla which is as good as their meaty Mexican treats – only for P99! Very, very affordable!

So if you don’t want to have a shortage of very good quesadillas (because they were sooooo in demand) which happened during the Maginhawa Food Festival (5 Things You Have to Do When in Quezon City), then visit Casa Quesadilla. They’re open from Mondays to Sundays, so tag along your family or friends for your quesadilla overload experience!  


Mexican Food Casa Quesadilla Maginhawa


Watch out for their new dishes by next month, as well, which include Adobo Burrito (with salted egg), rice bowls (Chili con Carne and Pollo al Ajillo). Can’t wait for these exciting dishes, can you? Don’t forget to include the hashtag #CasaQuesadilla when you take your photos during your visits, by the way!

Dining experience courtesy of Groupon Philippines.

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Casa Quesadilla

176 Maginhawa Street, Sikatuna Village, Quezon City

Open Mondays-Sundays, 12:00 nn – 10:00 pm

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Casa.Quesadilla



Quesadillas Overload! Mexican Food Goodness at Casa Quesadilla, Maginhawa


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