5 Things You Have To Do This Week When in Quezon City

When in Manila and feeling a little bit adventurous but don’t want to spend too much on going too far then Quezon City is your best bet! 

Quezon City Food Fest Maginhawa

Quezon City is the home of many history worthy places such as Araneta Coliseum a.k.a the great domed coliseum in Asia, top universities of the country namely: University of the Philippines Diliman and Ateneo de Manila University, big media companies such as GMA and ABS-CBN, The Original Max’s Restaurant in Kamuning, The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas Security Plant Complex, Santo Domingo Church, General Lawton Park, various government offices, Pugad Lawin shrine, EDSA 1 Revolution Site, and the Our Lady of EDSA shrine and the list goes on!

Quezon City is a mecca of Filipino culture, both old and new,  and starting this October they will be celebrating their  75th Diamond Jubilee year. BUT before you get shocked with all the wonders lined-up for that grand celebration, you have to get to know the city first!


Quezon City Food Fest Maginhawa

1. Get to know Quezon City’s founding father, Manuel L. Quezon, by visiting his house.


The Quezon City Heritage House is a historical landmark  located at the Quezon Memorial Circle, just across City Hall, is the reconstructed house of the late President and Quezon City founding father, Manuel L. Quezon. This house is not just a museum but a testament to the birth of the country’s premier city 75 years ago. It has been reconstructed by the city’s government and is now full of memorabilia that will truly make you look back your roots as a Filipino. 


Quezon City Food Fest Maginhawa

2. Discover the other side of Quezon City Memorial Circle


What’s this other side, you ask? We all see the iconic 66-meter tall plyon from afar (did you know that below is where you’ll find the remains of Manuel L. Quezon? ) and we know that the park in it is where most social, political and sports activities are held but I bet most of you don’t know that there is a farm inside it!


Quezon City Food Fest Maginhawa

“Joy of Urban Farming”


This is located on the “quieter” and isolated side of the circle, for obvious reasons, and it offers free lessons on Ecowaste management, Fertilizer making, Vermi Composting, Nurse Management and an Organic Farming Workshop! Get your green thumbs busy and visit this place, it’s free anyway! 


Quezon City Food Fest Maginhawa

3. Immerse yourself in History in Tandang Sora’s shrine 


The “Mother of Katipunan” and the official heroine of Quezon City has a place on Banlat Road, Tandang Sora, complete with a pavilion and stage used for historical events and gatherings. The pavilion houses a collection of artworks dedicated to the heroine and the shrine is a peaceful site surrounded by flowers. It was all built to commemorate the kindness and humanity of the heroine when she for provided refuge and food to wounded Katipuneros during the war against Spain in 1896.  


Quezon City Food Fest Maginhawa

4. Get in touch with your spiritual side in Sanctuario de San Pedro Bautista church


Sanctuario de San Pedro Bautista church is in fact the second oldest, still-surviving church in the country. The church has a Baroque-style altar and other 16th century religious icons from Spain. One of its main attractions is the Romanesque interior characterized by the mixed architecture as depicted in its Corinthian and Ionic pillars. The century-old meditation cave, sacristy and convent are still preserved.  It was built in 1590 through the efforts of San Pedro Bautista who used to live in the place. The property is under the care of the Order of Friars Minor or the Franciscans and was originally the retreat house for San Pedro Bautista’s fellow Franciscans and other government officials. At the basement of the church is a catacomb where old friars are interred.  




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