Punta Fuego Cliff Diving: The Ultimate Summer Adventure

Punta Fuego Cliff Diving: The Ultimate Summer Adventure

It’s normal to go to the beach during the summer, but if you are the adventurous type and are looking for something more extreme or different to do, why not try cliff diving?

The Cliff Diving community in the Philippines is growing quite rapidly, and with our tropical weather and wonderful beaches, it is no wonder why people have been eager to try out this extreme adventure sport.

Cliff Diving

Punta Fuego Cliff Diving

Recently, the 3rd Punta Fuego and Rider Cliff Diving Invitational happened in Batangas. The participants of the Cliff Diving Challenge were senior and junior athletes of the Philippine Diving team who had already competed in International competitions before, such as the SEA games, Asian games, World Cup and Olympic Invitational Challenges. 

Cliff Diving

Professional divers from Brazil and Switzerland also joined the fun by jumping of 16-meter high platforms, guided and guarded only by their concentration, skill and physical control.

Before the competition, divers gave an entertaining show with dance routines and partner diving. 

Cliff Diving a

Each participant was judged based on their style, tricks and timing. They were not allowed to splash too much or land straight in the water. 

Cliff Diving10

One of the four professional participants for the open-division was Filipino Rexel Ryan Fabriga who landed 3rd place in the competition. He started cliff diving when he was 12 years old and is now one of the trainers for the Philippine Diving Team. 

Cliff Diving3

Swiss national Andreas Hulliger travelled to the Philippines to join the fun, too. It’s his first time in the Philippines and got the 2nd place award for the competition. He thinks that cliff diving in the Philippines is perfect because of the beautiful beaches and the perfect weather.

Cliff Diving12

Jucelino De Lima is a Brazilian diver who was named the Champion for the open-division. He says cliff diving in the Philippines will take center stage in a few years’ time because there is huge potential in the pool of divers of the national team.

Cliff Diving11

Cliff diving in the Philippines is a common tourist attraction. You can see cliff diving boards in your favorite beaches, but if you want to learn the nitty gritty, you can visit the Philippine Diving Team at Rizal Memorial Stadium. 

Cliff Diving6

The adrenaline that cliff diving gives you is one hell of a rush, so don’t forget to put on some sunblock and just fall.

Punta Fuego 


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Photos by: Sky Gavin | Prince Carpeso



Punta Fuego Cliff Diving: The Ultimate Summer Adventure

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