Sabangan Beach Resort : Your Home in Laiya, Batangas

Manila itself has lots to offer. You have great restaurants near your homes, parties in different cities you work in, and basically malls everywhere. But that kind of life can seem really tiring. Sometimes, When in Manila becomes a busy and crowded place that you rarely have time to appreciate everything.  Being in Manila is great but going beyond Manila is even greater.

Summer is the best time to discover places. Take advantage of all the holidays and free time and plan a getaway with your loved ones! (or just go somewhere on your own, why not?). You can definitely go beyond Manila in a few hours. And, since it’s such a hot summer season, the best place to escape to is the beach! Sun, sand is sea is definitely the perfect combo to blow off some steam. ( literally and figuratively. haha!)


Things to expect in your travels : long yet memorable trips, delicious local delicacies, new people and fun times with those you’re with. 

 I have been itching to go to the beach lately. When I imagine the perfect beach, the scenes that immediately pop to mind are aqua blue waters and white sand. Laiya, Batangas is such a place that offers both. Laiya is specifically located within San Juan, it’s a town 45 mins.-1 hr. away from Lipa. Our travel there wasn’t all smooth and comfy but it was one heck of an adventure because we got to experience the place from a local’s point-of-view. We rode a bus from Manila to Lipa Batangas, then we rode a trike to go to the jeepney terminals. From there we rode a jeep going to San Juan and from San Juan’s terminal (near Puregold) we rode another jeep to Laiya.

The resorts in Laiya, Batangas were lined up side by side and it was hard to choose the best resort to cater our needs. My friends and I specifically craved for a peaceful time on the beach. No parties, nothing fancy and just plain serenity. We just wanted a comfortable home on the beach with the waves’ crashing to the  sand as our background music. Thus, Sabangan Beach Resort came as the beach resort of our choice.


Some of Sabangan Beach Resort‘s simple yet top-notch offers: bar, bungalows, pools and a playground.

Sabangan Beach Resort is such a place that doesn’t parade much of its amenities and facilities even if they appeal beyond the average “resort look”. The best thing about their resort resort is its existence within a forest -looking area. The whole place is surrounded by trees, bushes, sand, stones and wood. You’ll rarely see cement in the area and this small detail is what makes me admire the place even more. It’s not like most modernist and minimalist resorts we see nowadays. It exudes it’s own vibe of a something like an “organized jungle”. 

Slide05The luscious greens of Sabangan Beach Resort


Even walking to the beach is such a peaceful experience because of these pathways! 

Another admirable trait of Sabangan Beach Resort are its wood interiors. I love how  Sabangan Beach Resort infuses art with nature and the beach. It adds up to the comfortable aura of the whole place since it looks like one whole village of beach dwellers. The whole resort is like a big deconstructed house. The dinning pavilion is the dinning area and kitchen, the bungalows is to the rooms, the lobby is to the sala, the outside of the rooms is to the garden, the gazebo is to the terrace and the beach is to the view.

Well, okay. In this setting the beach is more than just a view, and that makes your stay more amazing than it already is. 


If you appreciate art, the intricate details of these carvings are definitely something to ogle on.

Since my friends and I are craving for a relaxing time at the beach, the hammocks inside  Sabangan Beach Resort and the parasols in front of the beach are where we usually spend most of our time. After a long swim we go to our own places just to relax and de-stress. 


I’m the kind of person who can spend the whole day reading eating, eating and sleeping. Well, you can do that here too.