Platinum Executive Fitness Gym & Spa: Executive Style Fitness and Health

When In Manila, keeping yourself fit and healthy should always be a priority. Dieting alone does not really cut-it for reducing your weight, or keeping you fit and active. Working-out has always been the best to match your proper diet and to keep a healthy lifestyle. Platinum Executive Fitness located at Gilmore gives you the environment to keep you active and to keep you healthy!

Platinum Fitness Gym and Spa2

Platinum Executive Fitness is not your typical gym. It was purposed to be an “executive” type of gym where the facility will never be crowded so that everyone can work-out in a good ambiance. The gym is also frequented by professional basketball players and celebrities which really gives you the essence of how “executive” the place is.

Platinum Fitness Gym and Spa12

Me, Ivy, Cheryl and Philippe were given a month long membership at the gym to try everything out. We started off by touring the whole establishment. The locker rooms were very “high end”, having electronic armband keys instead of the traditional lock and key.

Platinum Fitness Gym and Spa8

 Ivy getting ready to swim some laps

Basically, it’s easier to lock and unlock your locker, as well as to be able to keep your key in sight and not just lose it somewhere since it is an armband. At the end of both Men and Women’s locker rooms, both end joining together with the pool area. It’s a basic pool where swimming lessons are also held, and where you can cool-off or have cardio at. The pool area has its own shower. There’s also the hot and cold dips which is the 1st in a gym here in the country. This is very beneficial to athletes aiming for conditioning.

Platinum Fitness Gym and Spa4

Platinum Fitness Gym and Spa10

Moving to the Spa, it gives a very distinct aura from the gym itself. It may be directly located inside the gym and connected to the locker rooms, but the ambiance is particularly different and relaxing.

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