Platinum Executive Fitness Gym & Spa: Executive Style Fitness and Health

Heading off to the gym, I loved how clean and new all the equipments were.

Platinum Fitness Gym and Spa20

The equipments were also Precor branded, so it’s definitely one of the most expensive and noteworthy equipments to date.

Platinum Fitness Gym and Spa11

The free weights are coated with rubber to lessen possible injuries.

Platinum Fitness Gym and Spa17

The gym was complete with machines targeting each muscle part, the areas were equally and properly divided into proper work-out areas to avoid intrusions. The class and dance area was at the upper floor overlooking the entire gym, which I personally think is nice to avoid the music and noise from obtruding those lifting weights downstairs

Platinum Fitness Gym and Spa14

Platinum Fitness Gym and Spa16

My only gripe would be with the free weights. Free weights are most essential specially in building strength. Sure, muscle specific machines and bar exercises can tone and shape you up, but if you’re aiming for true fitness and health by raising your strength and stamina, free weights are essential. The free weights at Platinum Executive Fitness is 1 rack set from 5lbs to 50lbs. 50lbs is light for the heaviest dumbbell specially if you have athletes working-out at the gym. This is my only gripe, and I’m pretty sure they can work on this easily.

Platinum Fitness Gym and Spa22

For the entire month, we definitely enjoyed working-out at Platinum Executive Fitness. After work-outs were so relaxing due to how the staff are so friendly, facilities so clean and advanced, it’s an awesome relaxation and cool-down everytime after sweating it up! I suggest that you start your fitness goals right here at Platinum Executive Fitness.

Platinum Fitness Gym and Spa24Cheryl and Ivy doing some bodyweight exercises

Platinum Fitness Gym and Spa26Ivy doing inclined bench presses on the Smith’s machine

Platinum Fitness Gym and Spa28

Me working on my Triceps


Photos by: Ivica Rae Say
rticle by: Cholo Isungga




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Platinum Executive Fitness Gym & Spa: Executive Style Fitness and Health


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