Picada Tapeo Restaurante: Wine-All-You-Can at Php499 with Delicious Spanish Food

New restaurants seemingly pop up in BF Homes, Paranaque so often now, it’s hard to keep track. However, one that really stands out from the rest lately is Picada Tapeo Restaurante. Located where Frolic (aka Plan B) once was on Aguirre Avenue, Picada is a cozy restaurant in BF Homes that almost feels like an entirely different world on its own. It is nothing like what we remember Frolic to be and proves to be a beautiful haven that lovers, friends and families are sure to love.

Picada 3

There are private nooks for when you want to inject some romance or just some privacy into your experience.

Picada 2

There is also a private room for groups if needed.

Picada 4

The outside area in the back is perfect if you want to smoke while drinking and chatting.

Of course, Picada isn’t just about the look and feel of the place; it is about the food (and drinks), too! If you love Spanish food, then you will be thrilled to hear that they’ve got everything you could possibly wish for in terms of Spanish cuisine:

Picada 7

Gambas – Php345

Let’s start off introducing the food strong with Picada’s Morcilla and Gambas. Gambas is always a great choice to start any Spanish meal and the dish wins at Picada with their strong and delicious flavor.

Picada 8

Salpicao – Php295

The salpicao at Picada is absolutely perfect. It is tender and juicy and comes with a whole lot of garlic for an extra punch.

Picada 6

Pintxos (3pcs)

Picada also offers sliced bread with different toppings, depending on what you’re in the mood for. You can get Smoked Salmon, Jamon and Brie Cheese at Php185; Mushroom and Truffle at Php175; Morcilla and Gambas at Php195; Pringa and Tomato Chutney at Php155; Spanish Sardines and Roasted Tomato Pesto at Php155; or Chorizo and Quail Egg at Php165.

Picada 5

Chorizo and Quail Egg Pintxos – Php165

The chorizo and quail egg pintxos were my favorite, but I also loved the mushroom and truffle ones and the smoked salmon, jamon and brie cheese ones. You know what? Just try different ones each time you go. :p

Picada 12

Cerdo Asado – Php375

I can still hear all the ‘ooooh’s and ‘aaaaah’s that escaped the lips of the people I dined at Picada with when this was brought to the table. Despite already being a little full, this dish was devoured really quickly. Obviously, this is for all of the pork lovers. The real winner for this dish, though? The tomato chutney that comes with it as the sauce! Delicious!

Picada 13

Pollo con Limon de Oliva – Php385

I have got to hand it to them: Picada even gets chicken right. So, if you’re craving for something safer and not too Spanish, order this half chicken cooked in olive oil, garlic, lemon and oregano. You won’t regret it.

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