New World Makati Hotel: Savour Australia!

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Australia, again, the Land Down Under.  The nation that brought us Crocodile Dundee, Hugh Jackman and quite possibly, Bogart the Explorer. New World Makati Hotel in partnership with the Australian Trade Commission and the State Government of Victoria, Australia will share their expertise on the best Australian meats, wines and cheeses this coming October 19th to the 8th of November 2015 and we were once again invited to taste what is up and coming these next few weeks.

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Starting off, guest Chef Tim Holland will curate wine and cheese pairings, Australian, of course! Australia, aside from its pool of talented actors, is also known for its produce and none is more passionate and qualified than Chef Tim Holland.

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Australian cheeses are highly regarded the world over. For a nation priding itself with the quality of local produce, we are assured that the milk where the cheese was made from came from happy, happy cows that graze on green pastures rather than being farm-fed. The result is a cheese with a yellow color that is rich, creamy and very tasty.

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Triple cream brie, double brie, jindi strong blue, ashgrove aged cheddar, double gloucester, lavender and rubicon were just some of the cheeses that were served and each cheese paired well with the wines served that night. The brie, specifically the triple cream brie, was the highlight of the cheese platter, especially when accompanied by the sweetest grapes and a glass of Chardonnay.

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New World Savour Australia

A selection of De Bortoli DB Family Selection Wines were served that night. Too bad I only had half a glass of Chardonnay since I still needed to drive. To our readers: please don’t drink and drive!

Top tip: to my bros reading this, the only answer to your girl’s question is: “Do you want wine with that?” but make sure that you do have a bottle of wine ready.

New World Savour Australia

Of course, Executive Chef Robert Davis, tongs in hand, will be manning Cafe 1228 to prepare well marbled premium grass-fed O’Connor Premium Beef! I love beef and am lucky to experience some of the best in the world!

New World Savour Australia

New World Savour Australia

New World Savour Australia

Beef fried in its own fat and butter, have you ever seen something so beautiful? Not only does it look good, but the taste of the sweet meat that is soft as clouds that melts in your mouth is just an ethereal experience.

New World Savour Australia

It was an honor being invited again to partake in this wonderful meal and the best way I know to honor it is to try every beef dish that was served. Oh boy how happy I was to know that my slices of ribeye will be drizzled once again by the earthy truffle oil and sprinkled with Himalayan rock salt. As much as I love gravy and I do say that New World Makati Hotel serves one of the best gravies ever, fancy as it may be, the truffle oil and Himalayan rock salt just elevates the beef to another level.

Top tip: They also serve a mean Yorkshire pudding, so drizzle it with their home style gravy and you’ll be wanting for more.

If by chance you are on a food binge this coming weeks, longing for savory beef, creamy cheeses and sweet sweet wines; drop by New World Makati Hotel and taste some of the best of what Australia has to offer. PHP1,999 for lunch and PHP2,299 for brunch and dinner is not that bad especially that this is just the tip of the iceberg, I mean there is so much food that you won’t know what to do with it.

You can also enjoy and Australian inspired barbecue every Friday and Saturday for PHP1,500, which is something I yet to experience.

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