Author: Carlo Dinglasan

Petite Bakery

Petite Bakery Has Some Really Good Cookies

I’ve been in self-imposed quarantine for about four months ever since we first heard the rumor of someone in our building being tested positive for COVID-19. A week later, it was all over the news …
PC Master Race 2019

PC Master Race: The 115K Gaming PC Build

Here we go again! For the past several years, we’ve listed somewhat affordable gaming computers for work and play, and since the season of 13th Month Pay or 14th Month Pay has come and gone, …
Mimi & Bros

Mimi & Bros: For Your Chicken Fix in BGC

In my honest opinion, fried chicken is the “great equalizer” as there is always a high chance that someone from the group will order a chicken dish. Also, when you cannot make up your mind, …