Petite Bakery Has Some Really Good Cookies

I’ve been in self-imposed quarantine for about four months ever since we first heard the rumor of someone in our building being tested positive for COVID-19. A week later, it was all over the news that BGC had its first case of the virus. “The pandemic is here,” I thought to myself.

What is the relevance of COVID-19 to this story? To make a very long story short, it is my access to good cookies. There are a lot of places to get them near my office. I enjoy a good cookie every now and then, especially as a treat on payday. Being stuck at home with YouTube as the main source of my entertainment, it was cookies that I missed the most. You could say it was driving me nuts.

Although I can bake cookies, I am not on the level I want to be yet in that department. So, when I was asked to review cookies form Petite Cake Studio, I fought tooth and nail (well, figuratively) for the assignment.

Petite Bakery

Here are the delicious buttery cookies from their head baker and owner, Bianca. When I started my online interview, I found out that she took culinary arts at one of the most respected schools in the Metro, finished her internship in the USA, and is now a junior sous chef at one of my favorite restaurants in BGC. Knowing how good the pastries are from that restaurant, I’m not really surprised that these cookies are such a heavy hitter.

Petite Bakery

So, how do they taste? At room temperature (I did not even bother to warm them up when I got them), they are still soft, moist, buttery, chocolate-y (I’m guessing they used semi-sweet chocolates which is what I also use in baking), overall not too sweet, and I think there is a hint of sea salt (I did not confirm this with them) that further enhances the chocolate flavor. Warmed up, it is even better and goes great with either tea or coffee.

Petite Bakery

Petite Cake Studio has plans of expanding their business, but they are only selling cookies for now. Still, I was happy to hear that the business grew, even during quarantine. That is no easy feat as restaurants here and there are closing shop. We’re lucky that Petite Cake Studio was quick to adapt to start an online ordering system and home delivery business model.

Petite Bakery

So, what is their bestseller, you might ask? Even if their different flavors have their own set of fans (Chocolate Chip – Php80 per piece, Double Chocolate – Php90 per piece, Chocolate Walnut – Php100 per piece), their Chocolate Chip cookie is the bestseller – and I get it. It’s my favorite, too. Still, why just get one flavor when you can enjoy them all?

Petite Cake Studio

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