Seasons Hotpot and Dimsum: Good Food for the Bed Weather Season

Its been wet and windy, and the weather has gotten crazy during the past few weeks. During this season, you probably long for something warm, hearty, and DELICIOUS. Well, a steamy Hot Pot ticks all of the right buttons.

Seasons Hotpot and Dimsum

Hot pot is a Chinese dish that originated in Mongolia about 1,000 years ago. The dish was simple back then, using plain broth with mutton or horse meat – a far cry to what you can put in a modern hot pot today. Nowadays, there are a lot of different types of hot pot for you to choose from Beijing to Chongqing to Sichuan to Shabu-Shabu. The only limitation is the amount of money you are willing to shell out.

Seasons Hotpot and Dimsum

Seasons Hot Pot and Dimsum is one of those places where you can enjoy a hearty hot pot without breaking the bank. Situated along Taft Avenue near De La Salle University in Manila, Season Hot Pot and Dimsum caters to students, the faculty, and nearby residents who want to have something different for lunch or dinner.

Seasons Hotpot and Dimsum

Before partaking in a hot pot, you must prepare your dipping sauce first. Seasons Hot Pot and Dimsum has a lot to choose from in this department; but in my personal opinion, garlic, spring onions, sesame oil, soy sauce and sesame seeds would be the best combination.

Top Tip: Seasons Hot Pot and Dimsum has a VIP room where you and your friends can enjoy a round of video games while having delicious hot pot.

Seasons Hotpot and Dimsum

We opted for the Beef Hot Pot Set (Hot Pot Set: Beef, Seafood, Pork – Php699 good for 2-3 persons, I think it can even be stretched to 4), which includes slices of US beef, select vegetables, black fungus, Enokitake, tofu skin, and a choice of either rice or noodles. You also have a choice between the Herbal Chicken Broth, Szechuan Mala Spicy Broth, and the Spicy Beef Tallow Broth.

Seasons Hotpot and Dimsum

At first slurp, I noticed something very different compared to the other hot pot or Shabu-Shabu restaurants I’ve been to before. This is probably due to the combination of Taiwanese and Chinese styles of hot pot, the beef tallow, Szechuan pepper corns, dried chilies, and doubanjiang, which are staples of Chinese hot pot.

What can I say about it? My friend and I both agreed that “Maanghang sya, pero masarap!”.  [It’s spicy, but good.] It’s the kind of spiciness that lingers in your nose, your mouth, and your throat – which is not unpleasant while activating your appetite!

I wish that hot pot restaurants would become more mainstream, so that more people can enjoy this communal dish overshadowed by the more popular Korean barbecue. For the price, the set hot pot menu is reasonable for Php699 (good for 3 persons), but you can also enjoy a buffet ranging from Php399.99 (Light Buffet) to Php699 (Indulgence Buffet that includes everything on the menu!).

What else can I say about Seasons Hot Pot and Dimsum? Lasallians in the area are lucky to have something distinct and accessible that they can enjoy in the delicious hot pot, the set meals, and the handmade dim sum.

Seasons Hot Pot and Dimsum

2311 Taft Malate One Archers Place, Manila



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