ITO Bamboo Bed Sheets and Sleepwear for a Luxurious Night’s Sleep

I have sleeping problems. While the aroma diffuser and humidifier I reviewed two years ago helps a lot, there are still sleepless nights every now and then. So when I found out bamboo bed sheets and pillow covers, I just had to get them. I thought, “Maybe this will help.”

ITO Philippines

The people behind ITO Philippines are my kind of people as they know the importance of sleep. They must come from the same generation who would rather stay at home in bed with a cold bottle of beer in hand, watching Netflix and chilling than waste the night away in noisy clubs and getting wasted.

ITO Philippines

ITO 100% Pure Lyocell Bamboo Pajamas – Php2,990

In all honesty, I had already finished taking photos of the bedsheets and the towels and had already been using them for several days before I was invited to one of their product shoots to get to know more about them; but I erased my initial draft and decided to start new anyway.

ITO Philippines

ITO 3 Piece Towel Set (Bath Towel, Hand Towel, Face Towel) – Php1,990

Prior to the meetup, I already had a grasp of their products. The day I received the items from ITO Philippines, my first impressions were: “Holy, these things are unbelievably soft.”

I’ve been lucky enough to have stayed in some 4- and 5-star hotels before where they have those nice, soft, and thick bathroom towels that you wished you also had at home. Now crank things up to 11. That’s what these towels like. They might not be as thick, but the softness is like drying yourself with cotton balls!

ITO Philippines

ITO 100% Pure Lyocell Bamboo Bed Sheet – Php7,990 (Queen Size), Pair of Pillow Cases – Php1,790

Their bed sheets are something to get excited about, as well, as there is nothing comparable out in the market right now (at least not to my knowledge). They are deliberately designed thin for our climate, and are soft and smooth like a cloud, delicate as silk, yet breathable like cotton. There is something ethereal about the material that they used.

In case you didn’t know, not all bamboo fabrics are made equal. There is viscous, rayon, and the crème de la crème of bamboo fabrics: Lyocell. Using Lyocell bamboo fabric has several advantages over other types as it absorbs color the best, and is hypo-allergenic, anti-bacterial, thermo-regulating, and moisture-wicking. Plus, it is as soft and smooth as a cloud.

ITO Philippines

100% Pure Lyocell Bamboo Bed Sheet – Php6,490 (Twin Size)

I’ve been using the bedsheets for more than a week now and the difference between this and your run-of-the-mill bed sheets is night and day. Instantly, the most noticeable property aside from the softness is that it is very cool to the touch. This characteristic alone is huge during hot and humid summer days when regular and thicker cotton is too warm, especially if you don’t have an air-conditioning unit!

Even after a week, it still smells somewhat fresh thanks to its anti-bacterial and moisture-wicking properties. Best of all, you can just wash it normally and it dries very quickly! Combining the bedsheets with a humidifier or aroma diffuser certainly helped me catch those much-needed Zs.

ITO Philippines

ITO Lounge Wear – Ladies Shirts (Php690), Ladies Shorts (Php690)

ITO Philippines is about to launch new products: the ITO 100% Pure Lyocell Bamboo Pajamas and the more affordable ITO Lounge Wears. Since there were no men’s sizes during the shoot, I was unable to wear and test them, but I was able to check them out up close. The pajamas are as soft and silky smooth as the bedsheets. The lounge wear may not made of pure Lyocell bamboo fabric, but it is still very soft and looks very comfortable for daily wear at home.

ITO Philippines

Admittedly, the prices are a bit on the high side, but it is justifiable with all the effort, time, technology and research it took to release a well-thought-out and superb product. I found out that the people of ITO Philippines are just like me who worked really hard all these years and somehow finally made it in life, now valuing self care more than other things.

At first, I thought the produces were imported from Japan because of the name and the very high quality of the materials, but I was pleasantly surprised to learn that they are actually a local company. ITO is based on their mother who was affectionately called “Mommy Ito” and who was a huge inspiration for them. (Though it is also the Japanese word for yarn or thread.)

ITO Philippines

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Where to get them? You can visit their Facebook page for more information as they have been participating in bazaars all over Metro Manila since July 2018. They mainly sell their products online, though, to minimize the cost. They can also be found at Rustan’s Makati, Alabang, Shangri-La, and as far as Cebu if you want to touch and see the items first before purchasing them.

With Christmas just around the corner, why not treat yourself or a loved one to an ITO 100% Pure Lyocell Bamboo Pajamas or go big with any of their bedsheets? If you value a good night’s sleep as much as I do, you’ll thank yourself for this.

ITO Philippines