WATCH: “Tanods” Just Might Be One of the Best Locally-Produced Sitcoms You Will Ever Get to See!

From the combined minds that brought you Blue Bustamante (PunchKick) and *ehem* Bogart the Explorer (PaperbugTV), along with post-production house, The Playground, comes what is poised to be one of the best locally-produced sitcoms, may it be for online or even for television. With all 12 episodes out online, ‪#‎Tanods‬ finally becomes a local show you can actually binge-watch from beginning to end.

Tanods is a hilarious comedy that follows a band of misfit barangay tanods led by their “Bayaw” of a Brgy. Captain Roger Grace (Jun Sabayton). From the brilliant cast, to the stellar writing and well-developed charactersdown to the equally amazing guest stars (including Ramon Bautista,  *ehem* Bogart the Explorer, Lia Cruz, Joyce Pring, and Mr. Joey de Leon among others), the team-up of Director Miko Livelo and Executive Producer Jako de Leon, as well as the partnership between the groups involved (PunchKick, PaperbugTV, The Playground) makes Tanods a testament to the idea that creative collaborations can generate great things.

Have a marathon of Tanods now on YouTube (Digital5)  or on

11221365_283873631736367_2267653845278856799_nTHE “TANODS”: Jinri Park, Brian Wilson, Jun Sabayton, Gerard Acao, Martin Escudero,
Joel Ferrer, Herald Chavez, and Bea Benedicto.

10433780_10153051368554755_1654651162419143713_nSTARZAN & CHEETAE REUNITED: Guest star Mr. Joey de Leon interacts with Satriani,
played by Gilbert Orcine, who channels his inner Rene Requiestas

11227638_287637728026624_1186575539485556004_nCAP AND HIS ANGELS: Capt. Roger Grace (Sabayton) with Bheybs (Jinri Park), Lilibeth (Bea Benedicto) and Ate QT/Winona (Joyce Pring)

Begin your Tanods marathon with Episode 1 here: