Never stop impressing your partner

Love is a challenge. And making that love last is an even greater challenge.

When you ask wiser people about the secret of a long-lasting relationship, they usually say that staying in love is a choice.

Of course, it is.

It won’t always be good every day but what’s important is to glorify the struggle. Things can be awful but what’s important is you’re willing to communicate and find solutions to make things work. There will be days that you’re going to be busy, you’re not gonna put your partner as your top priority, and you’ll definitely have arguments.

But you’ll choose to make it up to them, to do better next time.

When I was younger and in a long-term relationship, I know that I’ve become complacent. I thought that I was already settling down so I poured less and less effort into the relationship (and even into myself).

I did let myself go.

Though I’m not sure if me being less attractive was the reason we broke up, one thing’s for sure – being complacent played a role.

So, what can you do? With lockdown still enforced in many parts of the country, staying at home strongly encouraged, and the virus still around, you need to be more creative in impressing your partner, especially if you don’t live with them.

Here are some suggestions you can start with.

Send cute messages when they least expect it

never stop impressing your partner 1 love message

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Intuition plays a huge role for this to work so well but even without it, getting a cute message at random moments can surely paint a smile on your SO’s face.

It may be a simple greeting or a funny meme – whatever that would make them feel you remember them despite the distance.

Create a care package

never stop impressing your partner 2 care package

What does your SO like?

Gaming? Music? Movies? Sports?

Figure out the things they like and build a box containing items relevant to their interests.

Personally, I like working out even during the quarantine so I would definitely be ecstatic to receive stuff relevant to staying active and healthy. You don’t have to send me bars and plates because those are heavy but you can start off with lighter workout gears like resistance bands. Healthier food choices are definitely a plus.

Send them food

never stop impressing your partner 4 send food

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Food is always a nice and welcome surprise.

If you can whip up a nice meal then do so. Put on that apron and prepare their favorite meal and have it delivered fresh from your kitchen. Add a cute note to tell them you miss them.

Now, if you’re like me who can’t cook even a decent fried egg, there’s nothing to worry about. With many sellers from home popping up after the COVID-19 pandemic has hit us, you have a plethora of options. From pretty desserts to scrumptious feasts that can be delivered right at their doorstep and devoured at home, the choices are virtually endless.

Respect alone time

never stop impressing your partner 3 alone time

Photo from: unsplash.com

This may sound simple but not everyone can easily give their partner some space and alone time. So, when I meet people who respect my need for that, it is pretty impressive.

Alone time is essential to clear one’s head and to recharge (especially for introverts). Giving your partner alone time doesn’t mean you’re leaving them behind for good. Take it as an opportunity to miss them.

Never stop flirting

never stop impressing your partner 5 flirting

If you’ve been together for a long time, your flirting game has probably become rusty. With you two apart, this is a great opportunity to reignite that. Remember when your days revolved with an unending exchange of banters and double entendres? You probably miss how exciting things were so why not revisit that?

Be playful and don’t hesitate to show affection through your words.

In conclusion…

Impressing your partner doesn’t always need to involve grand romantic gestures. Sometimes, a simple act that shows you remember them or you respect their needs is enough to get them impressed.

Of course, it is encouraged to do these when they expect it the least. Use the element of surprise to your advantage in impressing them.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t make sense to be taken when most of the time you’re just taken for granted.

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