Nailfinity Spa Home Service: Relax and Get Pampered in the Comforts of Your Own Home

When In Manila, a stressful day at work or just struck in traffic results in a much needed pampering session. Whether you’re a guy or girl, we all want a little R&R every now and then to just unwind and relax. Going on a vacation is highly recommended but a short visit to your local nail salon and spa could also do the trick.

Nailfinity is a Nail Salon and Spa offering various pampering services that will make you beautiful from the tips of your nails to your toes. Located at Taft Avenue, this spa is open for men and women who seek for a Sparadise within the busy streets of the Metro. Its tranquil place is perfect to spend hours of just spoiling yourself without worrying about the stress outside.

 Nailfinity-Spa-and-Nail-Salon-01Photo taken from the Nailfinity website

Nailfinity Spa at Your Home

“We are serious when we say we will give you Your Ultimate Spa Experience and yes it is in a Nailfinity way. We offer our services at the spa available to be provided to you at the comforts of your home. Bringing the spa to you means making the most of your comfort zone, this is why we don’t just offer Toes and Nail Treats and Rilassante Massage. Who says, to be hair free you have to go to a waxing salon?”


Nailfinity 1Nailfinity Spa at Your Home: All set up in our living room


We all want to visit our favorite nail spas every once in a while, however, there are time that we just can’t afford to go out of the house.  Nailfinity understands this problem and offers their own Spa at Your Home (home service) which offers the same services in the comforts of your own home!  Spa at Your Home is open from 1:00PM to 1:00AM. After a stressful day at work, just sit back on your favorite couch and watch your favorite program while the Nailfinity angels work their magic.


Nailfinity Home Service 7Nailfinity Home Service: Just watching a movie while Ate Godline does my nails


For our home service, Ate Godline and Tess came over at the exact time agreed upon. At first I assumed they would just get right down to business but was surprised to see them still set up the area, ensuring customers still get that ‘spa feeling’ even if we’re just at home. The 2 technicians/angels were very friendly and would often ask how we were and if the service they were providing was okay.


Nailfinity Home Service 12Ivy and I getting pampered in my own living room


 Ivy and I both availed of the D3 package which includes a manicure, pedicure, foot spa, hand paraffin and foot paraffin. We were relaxed as ever watching Iron Man 3 on HBO and chitchatting away while the Nailfinity technicians made sure our nails were done and our hands were smooth.


Nailfinity Home Service 10Nailfinity Home Service: Ivy’s holiday nails


Here’s what Ivy had to say, “Home service pampering is always the best because you always get double the comfort. What’s nice about Nailfinity is that they still maintain their presentation even if they service you at home. Before everything else starts, the materials that will be used will all be displayed just like how it would be if you were in their nail spa. It’s like literally bringing Nailfinity setting into your home. I had my nails done by Ate Tess who was very careful in cleaning my nails. Since I had low tolerance to heat, she carefully applied the hand paraffin wax while repeatedly asking me if I was okay. That simple act was a big deal since I knew how they are careful in working.”


Nailfinity Home Service 4    Nailfinity Home Service 8

Nailfinity Home Service: Foot Spa and Hand Paraffin


Ivy initially wanted to get her upper lip waxed, however, after Ate Tess informed us that threading would be much better, Ivy quickly changed her mind. Though waxing was good, hair is still left behind. Moreover, waxing has to be done on a regular basis, if you just plan to do it once in a blue moon, it isn’t really recommended. Hence, threading was the better solution.


Nailfinity Home Service 14Nailfinity Home Service: Quick and easy upper lip threading


So don’t bother going through all that Metro Manila traffic just to get some much needed pampering at a spa. Instead, have the spa go to you! For a minimum of P300 worth of service, you can avail of Nailfinity’s Spa at Your Home in Taft or Makati areas. Other areas may be discussed with an additional fee of P50. Just go ahead and give them a call! Nothing beats getting pampered at your own home! Afterward, just go straight to bed and continue your already relaxing day.




Nailfinity Nail and Waxing Salon

3F 2510 EA Fernandez bldg., Taft Avenue, Manila Pasay City, Philippines (near DLSU-M/ CSB)

0918-2216867/ 0917-2405632

Twitter/ IG: nailfinityph