Memory Crafters: Unboxing Memories the Fun and Crafty Way!

Memory Crafters: Unboxing Memories the Fun and Crafty Way!

When in Manila received a special blue box in the mail filled with crafty stuff you can play and create with!

Memory Crafters is a monthly box subscription wherein you can choose your “plan”. You can get it for 1 month (P1,199), 3 months (P3,199) or 6 months (P5,899), and get random (artsy) stuff to create, design and have fun with. Just get creative!

Memory Crafters

Memory Crafters Box!

I was so excited when Memory Crafters sent me one of their boxes. The box speaks for itself as it is not an ordinary box that you will just throw out after emptying. You can actually re-use the box and store some of your crafts in it.

Memory Crafters

Personal touch!

I love that they included a little personal note in the box.

It made me feel important in some way.

Upon seeing the contents, I knew it was going to be a fun and crafty afternoon for me overall.

Memory Crafters


The contents of their 1st box was all about summer. I received some beads, string, a canvas bag, paint and some instructions and ideas on what I could do with them. They also provided patterns to get things started.

Memory Crafters

What should I paint??

Now I’m challenged to design and come up with something to do with these materials!

What would you do with your Memory Crafters box if you had one?

When in Manila, get your creative juices flowing as you unbox and get crafty with your own Memory Crafters box!

Memory Crafters

Website: https://memorycrafters.com.ph/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/memorycrafters?fref=ts

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Memory Crafters: Unboxing Memories the Fun and Crafty Way!