Explore Sandbox: A Fun Way To Learn With The Kids!

Explore Sandbox: A Fun Way To Learn With The Kids!


When in Manila, you will notice that there are a lot of subscription boxes being offered out in the market, including DIY crafts and beauty boxes like BDJ BoxJuiceBox and Glamourbox. Well, now, educational (yet fun) learning activities for kids are now being offered in the same package!

Explore Sandbox

Explore Sandbox!


Explore Sandbox is a monthly subscription that specially caters to kids ages 3-7 years old. Each package is filled with fun, learning activities plus instructions that will keep both parent and child engaged in days of worthwhile activities!


All excited to experience his Sandbox!


The Sandbox that we got was focused on plants/planting. We received a bunch of art materials, some seeds, a watering can and some ideas/activities that we could do with them, as well. While we decided to do the planting/seed activities at home since we needed to observe them for a few days, we also decided to bring our Sandbox to a nearby park in order to truly enjoy and engage in some of the other activities.


Coloring time with dad


Knowing that my son was never a fan of coloring, it was really surprising to see him do this with his dad. He was trying his best to color all of the leaves and petals in for his flower pot.

I love that all of the materials were already provided by the Sandbox. We just added a pair of scissors and glue and we were all set! They also included instructions and suggested activities for each material. However, you are also free to let your imagination run wild and do your own activities as you see fit!


Paint that ball!


The little one enjoyed the painting part of our activity the most. He became more hands-on and enjoyed the little paint pots, which came with the package. With the help of the colorful and easy-to-use art materials, my son was able to become creative in his own way.


Stick ’em!


After he painted all of the parts of his flower, it was time for him to design his pot. He also enjoyed sticking the insects and flowers around the small container. While we were doing this, I also got the chance to explain the different types of insects to him.


So proud and happy! (:

After all the coloring, painting and sticking; the little one was really happy with his creation. This was just one of the many activities, which the Sandbox had prepared for us this month. We have yet to observe and discover how a monggo seed will grow in our home.

The monthly subscription for Sandbox starts at P999 a month and gets cheaper the more months you subscribe for. When in Manila, subscribe and discover the fun way to learn with your little one with Sandbox!



Explore Sandbox


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Explore Sandbox: A Fun Way To Learn With The Kids!