Marvel vs DC: The Battle of Heroes on the Big Screen

Marvel vs DC: The Battle of Heroes on the Big Screen


From the time of comic books to the rise of the video games, the heroes of Marvel and DC have been battling it out to see who has the better heroes.

This time, they’ve taken the battle to the big screen.

Marvel vs DC

Marvel vs DC


Marvel’s hit on the big screen

Recently, we have witnessed the sudden “invasion” of Marvel comic book movies on the silver screen. Beginning with Iron Man in 2008, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has grown into one huge universe where heroes interact with each other.

Something both comic book fans and move-goers, both of which I am, look forward to with every release (especially the post-credit scenes, everyone is definitely looking forward to those).

This year, Captain America kick-started, and quite marvelously might I add, Marvel’s silver screen invasion with Captain America: The Winter Soldier, followed by our friendly neighbourhood hero in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and our mutant friends at X-Men: Days of Future Past (wow, talk about dominating.)

It may seem that Marvel has taken DC out of the movie industry, but DC is surely cooking up their own counter-attack.

Marvel vs DC(3)

The DC counter-attack

DC comics may not be doing well with their movie career (critics say Green Lantern was awful, while Man of Steel was just a little over “so-so”, but, you know, they’re critics.) however, they have been hitting the TV screens quite well with their TV series “Arrow”, which is based on DC’s superhero Green Arrow.

Later this year, another DC character will be hitting the TV screens: DC’s supersonic runner “The Flash” will be fighting alongside Arrow; you can catch “Arrow” on Jack TV.

That’s not all. In 2016, two of DC’s famous characters would be getting together in a single movie. “Batman vs Superman” has been making a buzz over the net after teasers of Ben Affleck’s Batsuit and Batmobile were released by director Zack Snyder.

Other DC movies are scheduled to pop up in upcoming years, as well as a Justice League movie (are you hyped yet?)

Marvel vs DC (2)

With all these superheroes running about on both the big screen and the little screen, who’s keeping count of the score? Honestly, I’m a Marvel fan myself, but I used to read X-men along with Batman in my childhood years and I love them both.  I guess everyone just wants to enjoy their favorite superheroes come alive.

Are you a comic fan? If so, why not drop a comment and tell us which side you are on?



Marvel vs DC: The Battle of Heroes on the Big Screen