Captain America The Winter Soldier – Review and First Reactions

The much-anticipated sequel to the 21st Century take on the classic American hero hit the cinemas this week in Manila, and Solaire Resort and Casino held a special screening for members of the media, loyal customers, and other partners to see Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

Captain America The Winter Soldier – Review and First Reactions

*Note: There will be no spoilers in this review and first reaction, so rest easy.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier (let us call it TWS for brevity and mental efficiency) follows the life of 95-year old Steve Rogers, the scrawny American G.I. who became Uncle Sam’s favorite son and hero after he was injected with a “super-soldier serum” as a lab rabbit (the serum enhances his healing capabilities, hence his 21st Century age). In the first installment, Captain America: The First Avenger, Steve Rogers back story was featured, with themes of brotherly friendships, a love lost, and freedom and justice prevailing over tyranny and evil.

TWS starts strong, continuing the theme of the Captain’s challenging, albeit improving, adjustment to the modern world. He was, after all, born before the Second World War. We are introduced to potential allies early on, as well as more important appearances for minor characters in the Avengers movie.

Captain America the Winter Soldier Review

Action movie fans will appreciate the Batman-esque fight sequence in the beginning, ending in a scene which set the groundwork for the main plot of the film. A minor villain here should remind you of a famous, French-speaking athlete.

The casual viewer might start becoming confused from this point onwards until an important reveal leading up to the predictable showdown; lack of prior knowledge or exposure about the Captain’s adventures may make you feel as though you were being led around in plot circles (with smatterings of bullets, fists, and smashed cars of course) but paying attention to details in this (long) section pays off at the climax.

As with many comic book adaptations, the performances of the actors may never win awards, but they do the job of telling a great story of serious themes such as growing friendships in times of betrayal, as well as the less-serious puns and wisecracks from some of the likeable (or a not so likeable dead character) portrayals in TWS.

TWS continues the tradition of recent Marvel films; excellent CGI effects with sweeping aerial views of both scenery and action. It was a feast for the senses, and dare I say the effects on TWS can rival the crash-bang-boom of Tony Stark’s Ironman 3.

Overall, the movie was a good, entertaining treat for the casual viewer. For more serious Captain America and Marvel fans though, a big reveal involving Captain’s past should generate either genuine surprise and shock, or a sigh of predictability.

Oh, and there’s nothing after the credits 😉 would like to thank Solaire Resort and Casino for the media passes.

Captain America The Winter Soldier – Review and First Reactions

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