Man Of Steel: Independence Day screening

When In Manila, pretty sure you guys got mixed oohhs and aaahhhs with the trailer of Man Of Steel. The movie is reeling in soon and we’ve got The Great Events Plus Inc. having an Independence Day screening for Man Of Steel!

I have seen all trailers and I cannot wait to see how this darker toned version of the Man Of Steel would turn-out. I have always been a fan of Superman and other DC superheroes and I am really excited and expecting much from this franchise version. Zack Snyder directed this version and I have always been a fan of his work, namely; 300 and Watchmen. On-board as well is Christoper Nolan as the producer, I feel that he has a pretty big impact on this version as to how the tone seemed to flow in the trailers, putting some “The Dark Knight” style of aura to this version perhaps. Some details of the story may seem to be altered from how the original comics ran, but if this hits a similar rendition to the The Dark Knight Series, I’m pretty sure people will be raving about it. How about you guys? What are your expectations and what are you looking forward to in The Man Of Steel? Put your comments at the comment box below!

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So what are you waiting for? Will you miss this up-and-coming awesome movie? Or will you see it as soon as we will? Oh and there’s free OK Quench Drinks, Happy Club Potato Chips, URC and Leslie products, as well as raffle prizes to be given away from sponsors! So purchase your tickets now! 

This is open for public.  Ticket costs at Php490.

For ticket reservations, please contact any of the following numbers: 478-9871/091572146061/09169885108.



Man Of Steel: Independence Day screening

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