The Amazing Spider-Man 2: 5 Spectacular Reasons Why You Need to Watch It Stat!


The Amazing Spider-Man 2: 5 Spectacular Reasons Why You Need to Watch It Stat!


The Amazing Spider-Man 2


The Amazing Spider-Man 2


When in Manila, you’ll notice that a certain friendly neighborhood Spider-Man has taken over almost all of the movie cinemas across the city. Peter Parker dons the Spidey yet again in the new movie: The Amazing Spider-Man 2! I’m pretty sure a lot of Spider-Man and comic book fans alike have come in droves already since the movie’s initial release to watch this sequel. However, if you’re one of those people are unsure if you want to watch this movie, don’t fret! We’ll give you 5 reasons why you should watch The Amazing Spider-Man 2 stat!

(Disclaimer: this post MIGHT contain spoilers, so don’t read ahead if you don’t want to read ’em. Thanks)


5. That Amazing Stan Lee Cameo 

Excelsior! It’s already a Marvel film staple that the creator of Spider-Man and other well loved Marvel titles will have a cameo in the movie. In The Amazing Spider-Man 2, you’re bound to see this jolly old man by the name of Stan Lee popping up for a special scene. So friends, be sure you keep an eye out for this very prominent Marvel Comics guy in the film.


4. A Sneak Peek Clip of X-Men: Days of Future Past

As a widespread news item a few weeks back for all comic book geeks, another reason to watch The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is to see a glimpse of ANOTHER Marvel movie that’s coming its way here in a few weeks. Fans will surely be treated to this little teaser. I’m sure that the X-Men: Days of Future Past teaser clip will blow your mind!


3. Bigger and Better Bad Guys

If you thought the previous movie had an awesome villain, the sequel gives you at least two people to choose from (and a third option if you’re the type who likes the ‘stereotypical violent criminal from another country’ villain). The Amazing Spider-Man 2 features Jamie Foxx and Dane DeHaan as Elektro and Green Goblin respectively. In my opinion, both men played their roles amazingly and I’m sure you dig their portrayal, as well. 


2. Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone’s Undeniable On-Screen Chemistry

The on-screen (and real life) coupling of Garfield and Stone is the emotional anchor of this film, and rightfully so. Both of them gave off huge performances acting wise, especially in their shared scenes. I’m not a romantic but there are 1-2 scenes in the movie where you can’t help but say ‘awww shucks!’. Yes, you’ve read it in a THOUSAND articles already about their great on-screen chemistry, but it’s hard to deny that they don’t.

This movie proves that the production has made a great casting move by putting these two people as the main leads for this Spider-Man film franchise. But if there’s ONE main reason why you should watch this movie, it’s because of the last item on this list. 

The Amazing Spider-Man 2

1. The Action-Packed Fight Scenes and an Iconic Spider-Man Moment

Of course, the main reason/s to watch this movie would be the fight scenes and the retelling of one of the iconic Spider-Man moments. From the get-go, the Amazing Spider-Man 2 will have you at the edge of your seat with its initial fight scene between Spidey and a gang of thieves. His battles with Elektro in this movie were amazing and are also a visual feast for the eyes.

If you’re a Spider-Man/Comic Book/Marvel geek, you’ll totally love the fact that this movie is packed with a lot of Spider-Man and Marvel references. This movie, in my opinion, has recreated one of the most iconic scenes in the Spider-Man franchise. Now I don’t want to spoil which scene it is, but I can tell you that it happens near the end of the film. When the Spider-Man geeks see it, they’ll love the tribute done by this film (or if you’re a purist/smark, you’ll probably try to hate it. Whatever floats your boat). 

The Amazing Spider-Man 2

When in Manila, make sure you catch the Amazing Spider-Man 2 at a local cinema near you – preferably in 4DX, though! Even though I’m not the world’s biggest Spidey fan, this movie gave me more appreciation Spider-Man’s story. Certain elements of the comic book, the acting, and the action sequences were top-notch. I’m confident to say that this movie, might beat Little Bossings 2 in terms of box office ratings…worldwide!

What are you waiting for? The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is now showing on cinemas everywhere…now go, true believers, you have to watch it! So to end this post, thank you Spider-Man! I’d also like to thank Solaire Resort and Casino for inviting us to a fun filled special blocked screening of The Amazing Spider-Man 2.



The Amazing Spider-Man 2: 5 Spectacular Reasons Why You Need to Watch It Stat!