Man Writes Open Letter to Ladies to Allow Their Boyfriend/Husband to Play More Basketball

Man Writes Open Letter to Ladies to to Allow Their Boyfriend Husband to Play More Basketball


Some girlfriends or wives complain that their partners spend too much time with their buddies. Some feel that their men don’t spend enough time with them, while the more jealous types feel that there’s another woman.

A typical activity men do is play basketball with their friends. One man sets the record straight with an open letter on Facebook to ladies, encouraging them to let their men play more ball. Aaron Tang describes himself as “the unmarried friend who plays basketball with your husband every week.”  He says that every now and then, one of the regulars don’t show up and they get really disappointed.

He wrote down five reasons why women should let their partners play, and how it could also be good for the ladies:


1. There are no other women around
I know how basketball looks like in the movies. It’s glamorous, played in air conditioned arenas, and there are hot cheerleaders everywhere. But in our tropical climate, things are very different.

It’s outdoor and hot. Things gets sweaty, smelly, and uncomfortable very fast. Think any female would want to come within a 1km radius of 15 out-of-shape, (sometimes topless), sweaty guys? Right.

Seriously, to test my theory out: the last time we were playing in the sweltering heat, I even switched on Tinder* and set a 1km radius search.

“No new people around your area.”

2. It makes him a better man
Real men play sports. Remember how you felt about him when you first fell for him? I bet you didn’t fall for the fat guy slouching on the couch, watching Astro on Saturday mornings.

No, you fell for the dashing young man who was so passionate about his basketball that you couldn’t help feel a tinge of excitement. You loved how strong he looked when running. And how you felt so safe when he hugged you.

He’ll never get that six-pack or those toned triceps back. But regular games with his buddies is at least going to motivate him to exercise. It’ll reduce his stress and help him be happier too.

You’ll thank me when he’s still healthy enough to take care of you in your fifties.

3. It makes him miss you more
Contrary to what you may believe, spending every moment together is the quickest way to make a relationship fizzle out.

Couples need space. So let him go. It’s just for a few hours, a few times a week. A few hours where he’ll rub bodies with sweaty guys and listen to shallow male jokes. By the end of it, he’ll be desperate to come home to his lovely wife and kids!

And if you lovingly surprise him by packing ice-cold drinks for him and his friends, I promise you he’ll be on his best-husband behavior for weeks.

4. It makes him unbelievably happy
Once upon a time, your husband wasn’t just your husband. He was the best basketball player in his class. Selected to represent the school, and even called for State try-outs. A man with sporting potential.

And then reality kicked in. Maybe he just wasn’t tall enough, or fast enough, or no one gave him the opportunity. Maybe it was because there was just no environment for sports to flourish in our country. Whatever it is, someone else got picked for the national team.

So he went down the “normal” path. You know, got a “proper” job, settled down, and started a family.

Pickup basketball with his buddies transports him back to those days when he was a star. As he steps out on court, the surroundings fade. His old instincts kick in, as he feels the youth in his veins. For those precious few moments, he’s no longer a slow weekend warrior with a bad knee.

No, he’s Michael Jordan again. Hitting the game-winning shot like a champion.

He lives for those moments. And there aren’t too many of them left.

5. It’s not a competition
There’s no need to feel insecure, or that you are anything less than his number one. The moment he married you, he committed his mind, body and soul to you forever.

A little pickup basketball is never going to change that. All he wants is to compete for a few hours against his buddies. All men need competition, but please let that just be limited to his basketball games.


Aaron closed his letter by saying that basketball with friends is not a competition. He said, “It never was. It’s not you against his buddies. Not you against me. And definitely not you against basketball. Even if it were, you would always win. After all, you’re his real MVP.

He also mentioned that the Tinder story is a lie, and joked that if your boyfriend or husband doesn’t come often, Aaron will teach him all about it.


What do you think, girls? Does Aaron make sense? Share your thoughts below!

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