Luxx Lash: These Magnetic Lashes are the New Thing in Beauty Trends and We’re Loving It

Written and photographed by Mia Abigan
Modeled by @princessanikaa / @anikahmua

Long, luscious lashes are absolute #goals, but unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with those. There are alternatives to making your lashes appear longer and thicker, sure, but there are cons to those too. Mascaras aren’t always perfect. Some don’t last, some smear, some don’t deliver to their promise. False eyelashes require you to put glue(!) on your eyelids and can sometimes cause irritation, while lash extensions are not good for your OG lashes. (They can cause your lashes to fall off.)

Time to ditch those potentially harmful and disappointing options. At least now there’s Luxx Lash, which truly is a god-send for unlucky people that have really short and tiny lashes (like me)!

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Luxx Lash introduces high-quality magnetic lashes and they’re definitely changing the game for Filipinas out there. Instead of the usual glue and falsies, these magnetic lashes are much safer and more convenient to use.

Luxx Lash offers a variety of lash styles to suit your taste. Currently, they have four styles: Frida, Aeva, Paige, and Bonita. Today, we’ll be reviewing two of these: Paige and Frida.

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The Paige lashes are simple yet dramatic enough to have heads turning. We’d recommend this for day-time use; so if you’re looking for falsies that will give you just the right amount of flair, this is the Luxx Lash style to try out.

Here is what it looks like when worn:

Personally, I loved how cute they instantly made me look! The Paige has a light and casual feel to it, so it’s also perfect for those looking to try false eyelashes for the very first time. But, honestly, these lashes would look great on anyone.


Compared to Paige, Luxx Lash’s Frida lashes sport a fuller, more dramatic look. It’s pretty intense too (in a good way), which makes it the obvious choice for Vogue-like photo shoots. These are definitely the pair you’d want to wear if you want to be the star of the night.

Here’s how it looks when worn:

Between the two lash styles I tried, I personally liked this one more since I felt like it gave me such a different look simply by putting them on. It immediately directs all the attention to the eyes and I LOVE it. Besides, if you’re gonna put on some lashes anyways, then you better go all-out right?

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Luxx Lash add-ons

These lashes won’t be complete without their trusty partners-in-crime: Luxx Lash’s innovative Lash Lock and the ever-reliable Lash Cleanser.

The Lash Lock is made of steel and rubber, and is designed to make the application of the lashes a smoother process. Simply place the top lash to follow the curved line inside the Lash Lock and do the same for the bottom lashes. Afterwards, position the lash lock near your lash line, click it to place, and slide the applicator to the side to leave the lashes in place.

If I’m going to be completely honest though, I found that applying the lashes using my hands were much easier as I had much more control. In fact, every time I tried to place the bottom lashes on the lash lock, it would often stick to the top lashes and I would have to repeat the entire process all over again. However, take this with a grain of salt as others might have had a different experience with the product.

The Verdict

After many failed attempts, I can say for sure that these magnetic lashes are one tough cookie! But when I was able to finally put them on, I just instantly loved it. I love how much brighter my eyes looked after applying them!

But if it’s the difficulty of putting them on that’s stopping you from getting these, then I suggest you get them anyway. After all, practice makes perfect. You just have to get used to the process of putting them on. It eventually gets easier to apply them each time, so that’s not something you should worry too much about.

On the plus side, these lashes also contribute towards a more eco-friendly world. By eliminating the need for single-use falsies, you can lessen your waste significantly! Not to mention, since these lashes are made of high-quality materials, it’ll definitely go a long way.

Interested in coping a pair? Visit Luxx Lash’s Official website here to get yours.

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