Apparently, You Need To Prime Your Lashes Too!

Remember those days when putting on make-up only consists of lipstick and blush on?

Yeah, me neither. But hey, admit it. Nowadays, you need a whole lot of products when prepping up. From bronzer and translucent powder to facial mist and all the way to BB, CC, and DD creams, these self-proclaimed skincare staples are unstoppable and irresistible at some point!

Oh, and we’re pretty sure you’ve heard of the new beauty commandment, “Always prime”. Guess what? Priming your face and lips are not the end of it because apparently, there’s an eyelash primer, too!

Eyelash primer promises that full, dark, thick and long lashes you’ve always dreamt of by serving as a base coat for your mascara. That’s right, it will lengthen and volumize the 8-millimeter-hair surrounding your eyes. Sounds awesome?

While we haven’t really tried one yet, this eyelash primer sounds both promising and unnecessary at the same time.

What’s your take on eyelash primers? Yay or nay? Tell us in the comments.


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